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Floudas, George - Molecular Dynamics of Glass-Forming Systems, ebook

Molecular Dynamics of Glass-Forming Systems

Floudas, George


Table of contents
1. The Glass “Transition”
George Floudas, Marian Paluch, Andrzej Grzybowski, K. L. Ngai
2. Origin of Glass Formation
George Floudas, Marian Paluch, Andrzej Grzybowski, K. L. Ngai
3. Models of Temperature–Pressure Dependence of Structural Relaxation Time
George Floudas, Marian Paluch,

Manzani, Danilo - Technological Advances in Tellurite Glasses, ebook

Technological Advances in Tellurite Glasses

Manzani, Danilo


Tellurite Glasses for Optical Amplifiers
Luiz Carlos Barbosa, Cicero Omegna Filho, Enver Fernandez Chillcce
8. Broadband Emission in Tellurite Glasses
Kummara Venkata Krishnaiah, Jose Marques-Hueso, Raman Kashyap
9. Tellurite Glass

Bismarck, Alexander - Microstructuring of Glasses, ebook

Microstructuring of Glasses

Bismarck, Alexander


Fundamentals of Inorganic Nonmetallic Glasses and Glass Processing
1. Silicate Glasses: A Class of Amorphous Materials
2. Thermodynamic Phenomena in Glass
3. Melting and Forming

Holand, Wolfram - Glass Ceramic Technology, ebook

Glass Ceramic Technology

Holand, Wolfram


Glass-ceramic materials share many properties with both glass and more traditional crystalline ceramics. This new edition examines the various types of glass-ceramic materials, the methods of their development, and

Duplantier, Bertrand - Glasses and Grains, ebook

Glasses and Grains

Duplantier, Bertrand


Table of contents
1. Glasses
Jorge Kurchan
2. Colloidal Glasses
David A. Weitz
3. Glass and Jamming Transitions
Giulio Biroli
4. Granular Flows
Yoël Forterre, Olivier Pouliquen
5. Theoretical Considerations for Granular Flow
Thomas C. Halsey
6. Grains, Glasses and Jamming

Takayama, Kazuyoshi - Professor I. I. Glass: A Tribute and Memorial, ebook

Professor I. I. Glass: A Tribute and Memorial

Takayama, Kazuyoshi


Memories from My Entrance into the World of Shock Wave Phenomena as a PhD Student of Professor Glass and My Association with Him Thereafter
Ozer Igra
4. Shockwaves Coming, Shockwaves Going An Aerodynamic Journey from Toronto to Amsterdam
Bram Elsenaar

Zanotto, E. D. - Crystals in Glass: A Hidden Beauty, ebook

Crystals in Glass: A Hidden Beauty

Zanotto, E. D.


It contains 50 slides culled from tens of thousands of images on glass crystal nucleation, growth, and crystallization. The images represent glass crystallization mechanisms, including internal, surface, homogeneous, heterogeneous,

Carroll, Lewis - Through the Looking Glass, ebook

Through the Looking Glass

Carroll, Lewis


Charles Dodgson, alias Lewis Carroll, first published his Alice's Adventures in Wonderland book in 1865 - it has been a favourite ever since and is something that all children should read. This second Alice book 'Through the Looking Glass' was published in 1871.

Liaw, Peter - Bulk Metallic Glasses, ebook

Bulk Metallic Glasses

Liaw, Peter


Table of contents
1. Development and Applications of Late Transition Metal Bulk Metallic Glasses
Akihisa Inoue, Baolong Shen, Nobuyuki Nishiyama
2. Atomistic Theory Of Metallic Liquids and Glasses
T. Egami
3. Modeling: The Role Of Atomistic Simulations
Rachel S. Aga, James R. Morris
4. Evaluation Of