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Evans, Anthony M. - Ore Geology and Industrial Minerals: An Introduction, ebook

Ore Geology and Industrial Minerals: An Introduction

Evans, Anthony M.


Much new data and many new ideas have emerged in the area of ore geology and industrial minerals since publication of the second edition of this text in 1987. The overriding philosophy behind this new edition is the inclusion and integration of this new material within the established framework

Marker, Brian - Geology and Ecosystems, ebook

Geology and Ecosystems

Marker, Brian


Medical Problems Related to Geology and Ecosystem Interaction
16. Human Health and Ecosystems
Olle Selinus, Robert B. Finkelman, Jose A. Centeno
17. Medical and Ecological Significance of the Water Factor
Leonid I. Elpiner
Part V:.Prediction of the

Crawford, Mark J. - CliffsQuickReview Physical Geology, ebook

CliffsQuickReview Physical Geology

Crawford, Mark J.


Whether you're new to rocks and minerals or just brushing up on a favorite old subject, CliffsQuickReview Physical Geology can help. This guide not only helps you understand how glaciation, running water, weathering, and erosion have formed the landscapes we see