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Shigehara, Kumiharu - The Limits of Surveillance and Financial Market Failure, ebook

The Limits of Surveillance and Financial Market Failure

Shigehara, Kumiharu


Table of contents
1. The Limits of Surveillance and Financial Market Failure: Some Fundamental Issues Arising from the Euro-Area Crisis
Kumiharu Shigehara
2. Global and Regional Surveillance: Lessons from the Euro-Area Crisis
André Icard
3. Surveillance Failure or Systemic Failure?
Leif Pagrotsky

Talani, Leila Simona - The Future of EMU, ebook

The Future of EMU

Talani, Leila Simona


EMU and the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue: Trade Interdependence between Mediterranean and Euro-area Countries
Giorgio Fazio
7. In and Out of Monetary Unions: Lessons From, and Risks For the EMU. An Alternative Approach to Monetary Unions
Antimo Verde

Posta, Pompeo - Europe and the Financial Crisis, ebook

Europe and the Financial Crisis

Posta, Pompeo


The Monetary Policy Response to the Financial Crisis in the Euro Area and in the United States: A Comparison
Domenica Tropeano
4. Real Divergence Across Europe and the Limits of EMU Macroeconomic Governance

Bibow, Jörg - Euroland and the World Economy, ebook

Euroland and the World Economy

Bibow, Jörg


Can the Euro Area Play a Stabilizing Role in Balancing Global Imbalances?
Philip Arestis, Malcolm Sawyer
Part II. Policy Coordination and Increased Integration as Means to Properly Steer Euroland
5. Whatever Happened

Bandt, Olivier - Convergence or Divergence in Europe?, ebook

Convergence or Divergence in Europe?

Bandt, Olivier


Tracking the Economy in the Largest Euro Area Countries: a Large Datasets Approach
Riccardo Cristadoro, Giovanni Veronese
7. Assessing Aggregate Comovements in France, Germany and Italy Using a Non Stationary Factor Model

Rossi, Stefania - Access to Bank Credit and SME Financing, ebook

Access to Bank Credit and SME Financing

Rossi, Stefania


Non-Bank Financing for Euro Area Companies During the Crisis
Annalisa Ferrando, Emmanouil Mavrakis
2. Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be! Loan Application and Credit Decision for Young European Firms
Andrea Moro, Daniela

Dabrowski, Marek - The Eastern Enlargement of the Eurozone, ebook

The Eastern Enlargement of the Eurozone

Dabrowski, Marek


Table of contents
1. When Should the New Member States Join EMU?
Jacek Rostowski
2. The Exchange Rate: Shock Generator or Shock Absorber?
Maryla Maliszewska, Wojciech Maliszewski
3. Do the New Member States Fit the Optimum-Currency-Area Criteria?
Monika Blaszkiewicz-Schwartzman, Przemyslaw Wozniak