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Leitch, Stephanie - Mapping Ethnography in Early Modern Germany, ebook

Mapping Ethnography in Early Modern Germany

Leitch, Stephanie


Table of contents
1. Wonder and the Working Print: An Introduction
Stephanie Leitch
2. Centering the Self: Mapping the Nuremberg Chronicle and the Limits of the World
Stephanie Leitch
3. The Wild Man, the German Body, and the Emperor’s New Clothes
Stephanie Leitch
4. Hans Burgkmair’s Peoples of

Franc, Renata - Understanding Youth Participation Across Europe, ebook

Understanding Youth Participation Across Europe

Franc, Renata


Can Qualitative Data Speak Beyond the Individual Case? Employing Meta-Ethnography for the Synthesis of Findings in Transnational Research Projects
Hilary Pilkington
6. ‘One Big Family’: Emotion, Affect and Solidarity in Young People’s Activism in Radical

Lock, Margaret - An Anthropology of Biomedicine, ebook

An Anthropology of Biomedicine

Lock, Margaret


An Anthropology of Biomedicine is an exciting new introduction to biomedicine and its global implications. Focusing on the ways in which the application of biomedical technologies bring about radical changes to societies at large, cultural anthropologist…

Stoller, Paul - The Sorcerer's Burden, ebook

The Sorcerer's Burden

Stoller, Paul


Table of contents
1. Prologue
Paul Stoller
2. Chapter 1
Paul Stoller
3. Chapter 2
Paul Stoller
Part II. Tillaberi, Niger 2000–2001
4. Chapter 3
Paul Stoller
5. Chapter 4
Paul Stoller
6. Chapter 5

Shagrir, Leah - Journey to Ethnographic Research, ebook

Journey to Ethnographic Research

Shagrir, Leah


Table of contents
1. Background: The Story of a Journey to Research
Leah Shagrir
2. The Ethnographic Research
Leah Shagrir
3. Multiple Voices of Ethnographic Researcher
Leah Shagrir
4. Summary, Insights, and After the Journey…

Ullrich, Helen E. - The Women of Totagadde, ebook

The Women of Totagadde

Ullrich, Helen E.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Helen E. Ullrich
Part I. Four Families over Four Time Periods
2. The Silent Generation: 1964
Helen E. Ullrich
3. Breaking the Silence: 1978
Helen E. Ullrich
4. Discovering a Voice: 1992