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Liu, Hongyan - Liner Conferences in Competition Law, ebook

Liner Conferences in Competition Law

Liu, Hongyan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Hongyan Liu
2. Maritime Policy and Regulation
Hongyan Liu
3. General and Sector-Specific Competition Rules in Force
Hongyan Liu
4. Scope of Application of Sector-Specific Regulation of Liner…

Hummel, Karin - Amtshaftung im Kartellrecht, ebook

Amtshaftung im Kartellrecht

Hummel, Karin


Table of contents
1. Einführung
Karin Hummel
2. Amtshaftung im deutschen Recht und im EU-Recht
Karin Hummel
3. Verschuldenshaftung nach § 839 BGB iVm Art. 34 GG im Kartellrecht
Karin Hummel
4. Ersatzfähigkeit und Kausalität…

Gómez, Manuel - Big Law in Latin America and Spain, ebook

Big Law in Latin America and Spain

Gómez, Manuel


Big Law in Latin America and Spain
2. Law Firms in Argentina: Challenges and Responses to a Crisis
Maria Inés Bergoglio
3. Big Law in Brazil: Rise and Current Challenges
Mariana Conti Craveiro, Manuel Gómez

Bongiovanni, Giorgio - Reasonableness and Law, ebook

Reasonableness and Law

Bongiovanni, Giorgio


Philip Pettit’s Law, Liberty and Reason: Republican Freedom and Criminal Justice
Luca Baccelli
9. Proportionality, Judicial Review, and Global Constitutionalism
Alec Stone Sweet, Jud Mathews
10. Constitutional Adjudication and the Principle of Reasonableness