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Turow, Scott - Identtiset, ebook


Turow, Scott


Samaan aikaan hänen identtinen kaksoisveljensä Cass vapautuu vankilasta istuttuaan kaksikymmentäviisi vuotta tyttöystävänsä Dita Krononin murhasta. Kun Krononin perheen turvallisuuspäällikkö, entinen FBI-agentti Evon Miller ja yksityisetsivä Tim Brodie alkavat

France, Bev - Bringing Communities Together, ebook

Bringing Communities Together

France, Bev


Fostering Opportunities to Talk About Science
Kathrin Otrel-Cass, Alison Campbell, Marcus Wilson
15. The Impact of Technologists Working Alongside Students in Technology
Cliff Harwood
16. Teachers Making Connections With the Technology Community

Barabasch, Antje - Work and Education in America, ebook

Work and Education in America

Barabasch, Antje


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Antje Barabasch, Felix Rauner
2. Dilemmas of Design: Education Versus Qualification in the US Vocational System
Jeff King†
3. The Multitiered CTE/VET System in the United States—From High School to Two-Year Colleges
Chris Zirkle
4. The American Community College

Kaur, Baljit - Understanding Teaching and Learning, ebook

Understanding Teaching and Learning

Kaur, Baljit


Table of contents
1. Understanding What Students Learn
Graham Nuthall
2. Reassessing the Nature of Learning in a Science or Mathematics Classroom
Ellice Ann Forman
3. Exploring Classroom Life and Student Learning
Judith Green, Maria Lucia Castanheira
4. Students’ Learning Experiences
Jane Abbiss

Grugel, Christian - Verbraucherwissenschaften, ebook


Grugel, Christian


Table of contents
Teil I. Ausgangslage
1. Verbraucherwissenschaften – Begriffliche Grundlagen und Status-Quo
Peter Kenning
2. Entwicklungspfade der Verbraucherwissenschaften
Andreas Oehler
3. Verbraucherwissenschaft und -politik im Spannungsfeld zwischen Diskontinuität und Kontinuität
Hans-W. Micklitz

Croft, Carla - Letters Around Midnight, ebook

Letters Around Midnight

Croft, Carla


In this first volume of collected encounters we meet: Chrissy, a librarian whose love of books overflows into the reading room; Aleisha, a florist who blossoms in her back room with her Italian lover as he practices his linguistic skills; Jean, a teacher whose parent-teacher evening turns out to be just