Galindo, Miguel-Angel - Entrepreneurship and Business, ebook

Entrepreneurship and Business

Galindo, Miguel-Angel


Table of contents
I.Entrepreneurship in the Regional Context
1. Introduction
2. A General View on Regional Economics
3. Issues in Regional Economics: The Economic Thought of Some Italian Authors of the Past
4. Entrepreneurial Structure From a Regional Perspective
5. Entrepreneurship and Growth: The

Kohne, Andreas - Business Development, ebook

Business Development

Kohne, Andreas


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Andreas Kohne
2. Business Development
Andreas Kohne
3. Portfolio
Andreas Kohne
4. Ressourcen
Andreas Kohne
5. Zielmarkt
Andreas Kohne
6. Marktbearbeitungsstrategie
Andreas Kohne
7. Fallstudie
Andreas Kohne
8. In sechs Schritten zum Business

Zinzius, Birgit - China Business, ebook

China Business

Zinzius, Birgit


Table of contents
Teil I.Das Chinageschäft
1. „Auf nach China“ — aber warum?
2. Marktchancen (fast) für jeden?
3. Was Sie in China erwartet
4. Chinageschäft und inter-kulturelle Kommunikation
Teil II.Unternehmen in China

Kumar, Rajesh - Doing Business in India, ebook

Doing Business in India

Kumar, Rajesh


Table of contents
1. India: A Commercial History Perspective
Rajesh Kumar, Anand Kumar Sethi
2. The Rise of India: India and the West—Institutional Contrasts
Rajesh Kumar, Anand Kumar Sethi
3. A Brief History of the Indian Software…

Harms, Travis W. - Business Valuation: An Integrated Theory, ebook

Business Valuation: An Integrated Theory

Harms, Travis W.


Praise for Business Valuation, Second Edition
"The Second Edition of Business Valuation: An Integrated Theory manages to present the theoretical analysis of valuation from the first edition and expand on that discussion by providing additional

Brannen, Mary Yoko - Language in International Business, ebook

Language in International Business

Brannen, Mary Yoko


The Multifaceted Role of Language in International Business: Unpacking the Forms, Functions and Features of a Critical Challenge to MNC Theory and Performance
Mary Yoko Brannen, Rebecca Piekkari, Susanne Tietze
7. Re-considering Language within a Cosmopolitan

Storchevoy, Maxim - Business Ethics as a Science, ebook

Business Ethics as a Science

Storchevoy, Maxim


Table of contents
1. Welfare Economics
Maxim Storchevoy
2. Economics and Ethics after the 1950s
Maxim Storchevoy
3. Business Ethics: Normative, Positive, and Practical
Maxim Storchevoy
4. Business Ethics: Normative Approaches
Maxim Storchevoy
5. Business Ethics: Moral Issues and Dilemmas

Casson, Mark - The Theory of International Business, ebook

The Theory of International Business

Casson, Mark


Table of contents
1. The Relationship Between Economics and International Business Studies
Mark Casson
2. Introduction to Modelling Techniques
Mark Casson
3. Introduction to Monopoly
Mark Casson
4. Introduction to Location
Mark Casson
5. Division of Labour and Modularisation
Mark Casson