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Tuynman, Gijs M. - Supermanifolds and Supergroups, ebook

Supermanifolds and Supergroups

Tuynman, Gijs M.


Table of contents
1. mathfrak{A} -graded commutative linear algebra
2. Linear algebra of free graded A-modules
3. Smooth functions and A-manifolds
4. Bundles
5. The tangent space
6. A-Lie groups
7. Connections

Clement, Anthony E. - The Theory of Nilpotent Groups, ebook

The Theory of Nilpotent Groups

Clement, Anthony E.


Table of contents
1. Commutator Calculus
Anthony E. Clement, Stephen Majewicz, Marcos Zyman
2. Introduction to Nilpotent Groups
Anthony E. Clement, Stephen Majewicz, Marcos Zyman
3. The Collection Process and Basic Commutators

Huber, Annette - Periods and Nori Motives, ebook

Periods and Nori Motives

Huber, Annette


Table of contents
Part I. Background Material
1. General Set-Up
Annette Huber, Stefan Müller-Stach
2. Singular Cohomology
Annette Huber, Stefan Müller-Stach
3. Algebraic de Rham Cohomology
Annette Huber, Stefan Müller-Stach

Carlsen, Toke M. - Operator Algebra and Dynamics, ebook

Operator Algebra and Dynamics

Carlsen, Toke M.


Classification of Graph C ∗-Algebras with No More than Four Primitive Ideals
Søren Eilers, Gunnar Restorff, Efren Ruiz
6. Remarks on the Pimsner-Voiculescu Embedding
George A. Elliott, Zhuang Niu
7. Graph C ∗-Algebras

Iohara, Kenji - Symmetries, Integrable Systems and Representations, ebook

Symmetries, Integrable Systems and Representations

Iohara, Kenji


Monoidal Categorifications of Cluster Algebras of Type A and D
David Hernandez, Bernard Leclerc
9. A Classification of Roots of Symmetric Kac-Moody Root Systems and Its Application
Kazuki Hiroe, Toshio Oshima
10. Fermions Acting on Quasi-local