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Vicsek, Tamás - Why We Live in Hierarchies?, ebook

Why We Live in Hierarchies?

Vicsek, Tamás


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Anna Zafeiris, Tamás Vicsek
2. Definitions and Basic Concepts
Anna Zafeiris, Tamás Vicsek
3. Observations and Measurements
Anna Zafeiris, Tamás Vicsek
4. Experiments on the Emergence and…

Doran, Derek - Network Role Mining and Analysis, ebook

Network Role Mining and Analysis

Doran, Derek


Table of contents
1. Network Role Mining and Analysis: An Overview
Derek Doran
2. Implied Role Mining
Derek Doran
3. Equivalence-Based Role Mining
Derek Doran
4. Deterministic Blockmodeling
Derek Doran
5. Stochastic…

Abdessalem, Talel - Trends in Social Network Analysis, ebook

Trends in Social Network Analysis

Abdessalem, Talel


The Perceived Assortativity of Social Networks: Methodological Problems and Solutions
David N. Fisher, Matthew J. Silk, Daniel W. Franks
2. A Parametric Study to Construct Time-Aware Social Profiles
Sirinya On-at, Arnaud Quirin, André Péninou, Nadine

Erçetin, Şefika Şule - Women Leaders in Chaotic Environments, ebook

Women Leaders in Chaotic Environments

Erçetin, Şefika Şule


Women Leadership in Complex Social Media and Social Networking Systems
Şefika Şule Erçetin, Ssali Muhammadi Bisaso
13. Women’s Leadership in the Developing World: Learning from the Past, Envisioning the Future
Purnima Mehta Bhatt
14. Women Empowerment

Adly, Samir - A Variational Approach to Nonsmooth Dynamics, ebook

A Variational Approach to Nonsmooth Dynamics

Adly, Samir


Table of contents
1. Mathematical Background
Samir Adly
2. Nonsmooth Dynamics: An Overview
Samir Adly
3. Stability Analysis of First-Order Nonsmooth Dynamics
Samir Adly
4. Stability Analysis of Second-Order Nonsmooth Dynamics

Britt, Brian C. - Structural Differentiation in Social Media, ebook

Structural Differentiation in Social Media

Britt, Brian C.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sorin Adam Matei, Brian C. Britt
Part I. Structural Differentiation and Social Media: Theoretical Framework
2. Macro-Structural Perspectives on Social Differentiation and Organizational Evolution in Online…

Kallos, George - Air Pollution Modeling and its Application XXV, ebook

Air Pollution Modeling and its Application XXV

Kallos, George


Dispersion Modeling Over Complex Terrain in the Bolzano Basin (IT): Preliminary Results from a WRF-CALPUFF Modeling System
Elena Tomasi, Lorenzo Giovannini, Marco Falocchi, Dino Zardi, Gianluca Antonacci, Enrico Ferrero, Andrea Bisignano, Stefano Alessandrini,

Zweig, Katharina A. - Network Analysis Literacy, ebook

Network Analysis Literacy

Zweig, Katharina A.


Random Graphs and Network Models
Katharina A. Zweig
7. Random Graphs as Null Models
Katharina A. Zweig
8. Understanding and Designing Network Measures
Katharina A. Zweig
9. Centrality Indices
Katharina A. Zweig
Part III. Literacy

Schramm, Stefan - New Horizons in Fundamental Physics, ebook

New Horizons in Fundamental Physics

Schramm, Stefan


Table of contents
Part I. Nuclear Structure and Superheavy Elements
1. Intertwining of Greiner’s Theoretical Works and Our Experimental Studies
J. H. Hamilton, A. V. Ramayya, E. H. Wang
2. Eighty Years of Research on Super-Heavy Nuclei
Sigurd Hofmann
3. Perspectives of Heavy and Superheavy Nuclei Research