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Pasupuleti, Vijai K. - Protein Hydrolysates in Biotechnology, ebook

Protein Hydrolysates in Biotechnology

Pasupuleti, Vijai K.


Benefits and Limitations of Protein Hydrolysates as Components of Serum-Free Media for Animal Cell Culture Applications
Juliet Lobo-Alfonso, Paul Price, David Jayme
5. Oligopeptides as External Molecular Signals Affecting Growth and Death in Animal Cell Cultures

Schultz-Cherry, Stacey - Astrovirus Research, ebook

Astrovirus Research

Schultz-Cherry, Stacey


Astrovirus Infections in Animal Mammalian Species
Giovanni Cattoli, Daniel Ka Wing Chu, Malik Peiris
9. Avian Astroviruses
Mary Pantin-Jackwood, Daniel Todd, Matthew D. Koci

Fesus, Laszlo - Transglutaminases, ebook


Fesus, Laszlo


Table of contents
1. Structure of Transglutaminases: Unique Features Serve Diverse Functions
Máté Á. Demény, Ilma Korponay-Szabó, László Fésüs
2. Control of TG Functions Depending on Their Localization
Yutaka Furutani, Soichi Kojima
3. Preferred Substrate Structure of Transglutaminases

Leuchtag, H. Richard - Voltage-Sensitive Ion Channels, ebook

Voltage-Sensitive Ion Channels

Leuchtag, H. Richard


Table of contents
1. Exploring Excitability
2. Information In The Living Body
3. Animal Electricity
4. Electrophysiology Of The Axon
5. Aspects Of Condensed Matter
6. Ions In The Electric Field
7. Ions Drift And Diffuse
8. Multi-Ion And Transient Electrodiffusion
9. Models Of Membrane Excitability

Gerencser, George A. - Epithelial Transport Physiology, ebook

Epithelial Transport Physiology

Gerencser, George A.


Table of contents
1. Chloride ATPase Pumps in Epithelia
George A. Gerencser
2. Divalent Anion Transport in Crustacean and Molluscan Gastrointestinal Epithelia
George A. Gerencser, Gregory A. Ahearn
3. Heavy Metal Transport and Detoxification…

Bunce, Chris M. - Nuclear Receptors, ebook

Nuclear Receptors

Bunce, Chris M.


Table of contents
1. Nuclear Receptors an Introductory Overview
Chris M. Bunce, Moray J. Campbell
2. What does Evolution Teach us about Nuclear Receptors?
Gabriel Markov, FranÇois Bonneton, Vincent Laudet
3. Functions of Nuclear Receptors…

Cimino, Guido - Molluscs, ebook


Cimino, Guido


Table of contents
1. Molluscan Natural Products as Biological Models: Chemical Ecology, Histology, and Laboratory Culture
Conxita Avila
2. Shellfish Poisons
M. Kita, Daisuke Uemura
3. Bivalve Molluscs as Vectors of Marine Biotoxins…