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Keating, Kenneth - Contemporary Irish Poetry and the Canon, ebook

Contemporary Irish Poetry and the Canon

Keating, Kenneth


Table of contents
1. Spectres of Irish Poetry
Kenneth Keating
2. Paul Muldoon’s Horse Latitudes: Absence, Interdependence and Death
Kenneth Keating
3. Source Texts and Authorial Identity in Medbh McGuckian’s “The Good Wife Taught her Daughter”
Kenneth Keating
4. Paul Durcan and the Death of

D’Amelio, Maria Elena - Italian Motherhood on Screen, ebook

Italian Motherhood on Screen

D’Amelio, Maria Elena


Rich Wives, Poor Mothers: Can a Matriarch Be a Mother?
Giorgio Galbussera
6. Mothers at a Loss: Identity and Mourning in La Sconosciuta and Milyang
Francesco Pascuzzi
7. ‘Acquaintance with Grief’: Filmmaking as Mourning and Recognition in Nanni

Souter, Gerry - Georgia O'Keeffe, ebook

Georgia O'Keeffe

Souter, Gerry


Born in 1887, Georgia O’Keeffe is one of the great figures in the history of the emancipation of modern art from its American essence. At a time when women were primarily wives and mothers, O’Keefe defied convention when she became first the companion,

Eckermann, Elizabeth - Gender, Lifespan and Quality of Life, ebook

Gender, Lifespan and Quality of Life

Eckermann, Elizabeth


Personal Well-being and Interpersonal Communication of 12–16 Year-Old Girls and Their Own Mothers: Gender and Intergenerational Issues
Mònica González, Cristina Figuer, Sara Malo, Ferran Casas
3. Gender Dimensions of Life Quality for Adults in Australia

Tamura, Eileen H. - The History of Discrimination in U.S. Education, ebook

The History of Discrimination in U.S. Education

Tamura, Eileen H.


Searching for America: A Japanese American’s Quest,1900–1930
Eileen H. Tamura
6. The Romance and Reality of Hispano Identity in New Mexico’s Schools, 1910–1940
Lynne Marie Getz
7. Using the Press to Fight Jim Crow at Two White Midwestern Universities,

Bucar, Elizabeth M. - Religious Ethics in a Time of Globalism, ebook

Religious Ethics in a Time of Globalism

Bucar, Elizabeth M.


Exploring the Korean First Birthday Celebration (돌잔치, Dol Janchi) as a Site for Comparative Religious Ethics and Asian American Christian Ethics
Grace Y. Kao
8. Mastery, Authority, and Hierarchy in the “Inner Chapters” of the Zhuāngzǐ

Shaw, Katy - Teaching 21st Century Genres, ebook

Teaching 21st Century Genres

Shaw, Katy


Other Mothers and Fathers: Teaching Contemporary Dystopian Fiction
Oliver Tearle
7. Pathways to Terror: Teaching 9/11 Fiction
Mark Eaton
Part Four. World Literature
8. Teaching Translit: An Unsettled and Unsettling Genre
Bianca Leggett

McGlynn, Cathy - Ageing Women in Literature and Visual Culture, ebook

Ageing Women in Literature and Visual Culture

McGlynn, Cathy


Social Roles: Mothers, Widows, Spinsters
6. Closing In: Restrictive Spaces for Ageing Mothers in Jane Austen’s Novels
Amber Jones
7. “No One Noticed Her”: Ageing Spinsters and Youth Culture in Sylvia Townsend Warner’s