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Bell, John - American Puppet Modernism, ebook

American Puppet Modernism

Bell, John


The Little Theatre Movement and the Birth of the American Puppeteer: Midwest Puppet Modernism
John Bell
5. New York Puppet Modernism: Remo Bufano and Jane Heap
John Bell
6. Puppets and Propaganda: 1930s Parades in New York City
John Bell

Goldstein, Philip - New Directions in American Reception Study, ebook

New Directions in American Reception Study

Goldstein, Philip


Texts, Authors, and the Receptions of Literature "The American Reception of Melville's Short Fiction in the 1850s", James L. Machor "Placing Readers at the Forefront of Nowhere: Reception and Utopian Literature", Kenneth Roemer "Richard Wright's Native Son: From

Nischik, Reingard M. - Comparative North American Studies, ebook

Comparative North American Studies

Nischik, Reingard M.


Comparative North American Studies and Its Contexts
Reingard M. Nischik
3. Modernism in the United States and Canada: The Example of Poetry and of the Short Story
Reingard M. Nischik
4. Border Studies, Borderlines, and Liminal Spaces: Crossing the Canada-US

Hallissy, Margaret - Reading Irish-American Fiction, ebook

Reading Irish-American Fiction

Hallissy, Margaret


Table of contents
1. Preface
Margaret Hallissy
2. Introduction
Margaret Hallissy
3. What Americans Know and How They Know It: Song
Margaret Hallissy
4. What Americans Know and How They Know It: Story
Margaret Hallissy

Wester, Maisha L. - African American Gothic, ebook

African American Gothic

Wester, Maisha L.


“Murdered by Piece-Meal”: The Destruction of African American Family in Beloved
Maisha L. Wester
7. The Lost Voices of Tims Creek: Narrative Reinscription in A Visitation of Spirits and “Let the Dead Bury Their Dead”
Maisha L. Wester
8. Conclusion:

Andrews, William L. - Classic African American Women's Narratives, ebook

Classic African American Women's Narratives

Andrews, William L.


Classic African American Women's Narratives offers teachers, students, and general readers a one-volume collection of the most memorable and important prose written by African American women before 1865. The book reproduces the canon of African