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Maclean, Rupert - Life in Schools and Classrooms, ebook

Life in Schools and Classrooms

Maclean, Rupert


Looking in Classrooms: How Have the Ways of Studying Classrooms Changed?
8. Systematic Observation: Changes and Continuities Over Time
Frank Hardman, Jan Hardman
9. Classroom Cultures and the Ethnographic Experience
Sara Delamont
10. Cultural-Historical

Samuels, Shirley - Facing America : Iconography and the Civil War, ebook

Facing America : Iconography and the Civil War

Samuels, Shirley


To conjure a face for the nation, author Shirley Samuels also explores the body of the nation imagined both physically and metaphorically, arguing that the Civil War marks a dramatic shift from identifying the American nation as feminine to identifying it as masculine.

Souter, Gerry - Edward Hopper Light and Dark, ebook

Edward Hopper Light and Dark

Souter, Gerry


Edward Hopper, born in Nyack in 1882, remains one of the most important American painters. After studying to be an illustrator, he entered the famous New York School of Art, where he studied under the direction of Robert Henri, whose influence on Hopper’s work was fundamental, as he was

Souter, Gerry - Edward Hopper, ebook

Edward Hopper

Souter, Gerry


In his works, Hopper poetically expressed the solitude of man confronted to the American way of life as it developed in the 1920s. Inspired by the movies and particularly by the various camera angles and attitudes