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Stern, David - The Anthology in Jewish Literature, ebook

The Anthology in Jewish Literature

Stern, David


The anthology is a ubiquitous presence in Jewish literature--arguably its oldest literary genre, going back to the Bible itself, and including nearly all the canonical texts of Judaism: the Mishnah, the Talmud, classical midrash, and the prayerbook. In the Middle Ages, the anthology became

Sznaider, Natan - Jewish Memory And the Cosmopolitan Order, ebook

Jewish Memory And the Cosmopolitan Order

Sznaider, Natan


Natan Sznaider offers a highly original account of Jewish memory and politics before and after the Holocaust. It seeks to recover an aspect of Jewish identity that has been almost completely lost today - namely, that throughout much of their history

Goshen-Gottstein, Alon - The Jewish Encounter with Hinduism, ebook

The Jewish Encounter with Hinduism

Goshen-Gottstein, Alon


The Hindu-Jewish Encounter: The Present Context
Alon Goshen-Gottstein
4. The Jews of India: What Can We Learn from Them?
Alon Goshen-Gottstein
5. Sarmad the Jew: A Precursor of the Encounter
Alon Goshen-Gottstein
6. Judaism(s) and Hinduism(s)

Crane, Jonathan K. - Narratives and Jewish Bioethics, ebook

Narratives and Jewish Bioethics

Crane, Jonathan K.


Table of contents
1. Genesis of Jewish Bioethics
Jonathan K. Crane
2. Narratives, Norms, and Deadly Complications
Jonathan K. Crane
3. A Dying Story: Told and Retold
Jonathan K. Crane
4. Living to Die: Theo-Political Interpretations
Jonathan K. Crane
5. Dying to Die: Bioethical Interpretations

Dashefsky, Arnold - American Jewish Year Book 2013, ebook

American Jewish Year Book 2013

Dashefsky, Arnold


National Jewish Periodicals and Broadcast Media
Ira Sheskin, Arnold Dashefsky
16. Local Jewish Periodicals
Ira Sheskin, Arnold Dashefsky
Part IV. Academic Resources
17. Jewish Studies, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, and Jewish

Hezser, Catherine - Jewish Slavery in Antiquity, ebook

Jewish Slavery in Antiquity

Hezser, Catherine


This book is the first comprehensive analysis of Jewish attitudes towards slavery in Hellenistic and Roman times. Against the traditional opinion that after the Babylonian Exile Jews refrained from employing slaves, Catherine Hezser shows that slavery... Copying to clipboard regulated

Dashefsky, Arnold - American Jewish Year Book 2012, ebook

American Jewish Year Book 2012

Dashefsky, Arnold


American Jewish Secularism: Jewish Life Beyond the Synagogue
Barry A. Kosmin, Ariela Keysar
2. Overview of Canadian Jewry
Morton Weinfeld, Randal F. Schnoor, David S. Koffman
3. National Affairs
Ethan Felson
4. Jewish Communal Affairs

Bernstein, Richard J. - Hannah Arendt and the Jewish Question, ebook

Hannah Arendt and the Jewish Question

Bernstein, Richard J.


In this important book, Richard Bernstein sets out to show that many of the most significant themes in Arendt's thinking have their origins in their confrontation with the Jewish Question. By approaching her mature work from this perspective, we can gain a richer and

Dashefsky, Arnold - American Jewish Year Book 2017, ebook

American Jewish Year Book 2017

Dashefsky, Arnold


The Jewish Place in America’s Religious Landscape
Alan Cooperman, Becka A. Alper
2. Intermarriage in the Twenty-First Century: New Perspectives
Bruce A. Phillips
3. American Jews and the Domestic Arena: The Iran Deal and the Election of Donald Trump