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Haley, Janet - Value Investing For Dummies, ebook

Value Investing For Dummies

Haley, Janet


Discover how to: Understand financial investments View markets like a value investor Assess a company’s value Make use of value investing resources Incorporate fundamentals and intangibles Make the most of funds, REITs, and ETFs Develop your own investing style Figure

Black, Rob - Getting on the MoneyTrack, ebook

Getting on the MoneyTrack

Black, Rob


Don't miss the PBS series MoneyTrack with financial expert Rob Black
"A true financial reality and investor education series featuring real people with real-life problems and solutions. . . . Well worth watching."
—Humberto Cruz, LA Times
In today's unpredictable

Logue, Ann C. - Hedge Funds For Dummies, ebook

Hedge Funds For Dummies

Logue, Ann C.

From 25,10€

Authored by Ann Logue, a financial writer and hedge fund specialist, this handy, friendly guide covers all the bases for investors of all levels. Whether you’re just building your first portfolio or you’ve been investing for years, you’ll find