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Browning, John Edgar - Speaking of Monsters, ebook

Speaking of Monsters

Browning, John Edgar


Apt Pupil (1998): The Hollywood Nazi-as-Monster Flick (extract)
Caroline Joan (Kay) S. Picart, David A. Frank
11. By Demons Driven: Religious Teratologies
Jason C. Bivins
12. An Age of Mechanical Destruction: Power Tools and the Monstrous in The Texas

Arefian, Fatemeh Farnaz - Urban Change in Iran, ebook

Urban Change in Iran

Arefian, Fatemeh Farnaz


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Fatemeh Farnaz Arefian, Seyed Hossein Iradj Moeini
Part I. Pre-modern and Contemporary Urbanism
2. The Role of Qanat and Irrigation Networks in the Process of City Formation and Evolution in the Central Plateau of Iran, the Case of Sabzevar
Hassan Estaji, Karin Raith

Maney, Kevin - The Maverick and His Machine: Thomas Watson, Sr. and the Making of IBM, ebook

The Maverick and His Machine: Thomas Watson, Sr. and the Making of IBM

Maney, Kevin


The first complete look at one of America's legendary business leaders
This groundbreaking biography by Kevin Maney, acclaimed technology columnist for USA Today, offers fresh insight and new information on one of the twentieth century's greatest business figures. Over the course of forty-two years, Thomas J. Watson

Soifer, Alexander - The Mathematical Coloring Book, ebook

The Mathematical Coloring Book

Soifer, Alexander


Table of contents
Part I. Merry-Go-Round
1. A Story of Colored Polygons and Arithmetic Progressions
Alexander Soifer
Part II. Colored Plane
2. Chromatic Number of the Plane: The Problem
Alexander Soifer
3. Chromatic Number of the Plane: An Historical Essay
Alexander Soifer
4. Polychromatic Number

Ritz, Karl - Criminal and Environmental Soil Forensics, ebook

Criminal and Environmental Soil Forensics

Ritz, Karl


Table of contents
I. Concepts
1. “Soils Ain't Soils”: Context and Issues Facing Soil Scientists in a Forensic World
James Robertson
2. Expert Scientific Evidence in Court: The Legal Considerations
Derek P. Auchie
3. Some Thoughts on the Role of Probabilistic Reasoning in the Evaluation of Evidence

Melamed, Leo - For Crying Out Loud: From Open Outcry to the Electronic Screen, ebook

For Crying Out Loud: From Open Outcry to the Electronic Screen

Melamed, Leo


In Praise of For Crying Out Loud
"Endowed with strong parents and a bit of luck, Leo Melamed has made a remarkable escape from Nazi occupied Poland to building one of the pinnacles of global finance. Over four decades and more, he was the leading force in bringing his beloved 'Merc' from