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Yang, Yuhang - Green Communications and Networks, ebook

Green Communications and Networks

Yang, Yuhang


Research on Search System Based on Agent and Personal Knowledge Ontology
Zenan Chu, Xinzhi Guo, Xinfa Wang
150. Application Analysis on Network File System
Qingxiu Wu, Jun Ou
151. Ontology Relation Based Construction Algorithm of Characteristics Level

Valle, Susan Del - Peptides for Youth, ebook

Peptides for Youth

Valle, Susan Del


A Comparative Examination of two Fmoc Removal Reagents for Process Improvement to Produce Peptide Drugs
K. Srivastava, Davis M.
258. Bicyclic Organo-Peptides as Models for Carbohydrate Binding Proteins
Claudia James-Johnson, Predrag Cudic
259. Impurity