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Grace, Gerald - International Handbook of Catholic Education, ebook

International Handbook of Catholic Education

Grace, Gerald


Catholic Schools in Peru: Elites, the Poor, and the Challenge Of Neoliberalism
Jeffrey Klaiber
11. The Catholic School in the Context of Inequality: the Case of Chile
Sergio Martinic, Mirentxu Anaya
12. Catholic Education, State and Civil Society in

Isbell, William H. - The Handbook of South American Archaeology, ebook

The Handbook of South American Archaeology

Isbell, William H.


Cultural Heritage Management in Peru: Current and Future Challenges
Alvaro Higueras
55. The Bennett Monolith: Archaeological Patrimony and Cultural Restitution in Bolivia
Isabel Scarborough
56. Modernity and Politics in Colombian Archaeology

Braitenberg, Carla - The Chile-2015 (Illapel) Earthquake and Tsunami, ebook

The Chile-2015 (Illapel) Earthquake and Tsunami

Braitenberg, Carla


Tsunami Characteristics Along the Peru–Chile Trench: Analysis of the 2015 Mw8.3 Illapel, the 2014 Mw8.2 Iquique and the 2010 Mw8.8 Maule Tsunamis in the Near-field
R. Omira, M. A. Baptista, F. Lisboa
22. Tsunami Penetration in Tidal Rivers, with Observations

Génin, J. -M. R. - ICAME 2005, ebook

ICAME 2005

Génin, J. -M. R.


Table of contents
1. Stanley Ruby 1924–2004
Gopal Shenoy, Gennadii Smirnov, John Arthur
2. In situ Mössbauer studies of electrochemical processes
J. D. Cashion, T. L. Greaves
3. Dynamics of metal centers monitored by nuclear inelastic scattering
H. Paulsen, P. Wegner, H. Winkler, J. A. Wolny,

Chong, Guillermo - The Andes, ebook

The Andes

Chong, Guillermo


Latitudinal Variation in Sedimentary Processes in the Peru-Chile Trench off Central Chile
David Völker, Michael Wiedicke, Stefan Ladage, Christoph Gaedicke, Christian Reichert, Klaus Rauch, Wolfgang Kramer, Christoph Heubeck
10. Subduction Erosion — the

Kuzmann, E. - ISIAME 2008, ebook


Kuzmann, E.


Mössbauer studies of raw materials from Misti volcano of Arequipa (Peru) for its potential application in the ceramic field
Angel Bustamante, Francisco Capel, Flora Barba, Pío Callejas, Rivalino Guzmán, Alejandro Trujillo
39. Mössbauer study of Fe3+/Fe2+