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Strandhagen, Jan Ola - Advanced Manufacturing and Automation VII, ebook

Advanced Manufacturing and Automation VII

Strandhagen, Jan Ola


The Study on Evaluation Index System of Restructuring Construction Industry Under the Green Development Model
Fang Liu, Jie Zhao
36. Correcting Strategy for Distortion of Ring Part Based on Genetic Algorithm
Ziqiang Zhou, Ke Be, Haoyan Wang
37. Human

Lee, Gary - Advances in Automation and Robotics, Vol. 2, ebook

Advances in Automation and Robotics, Vol. 2

Lee, Gary


The Analytical Research on Construction Project Cost Estimation Model Which Is Based on Artificial Neural Network
Junming Hong
18. The Design of Stereoscopic Warehouse Stacker’ Motion and Control System
Jingtao Geng, Yongxia Lu, Huijing Yang, Dong Chen

Günther, Michael - Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2010, ebook

Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2010

Günther, Michael


On a Numerical Approximation Scheme for Construction of the Early Exercise Boundary for a Class of Nonlinear Black–Scholes Equations
Daniel Ševčovič
25. On the Stability of a Compact Finite Difference Scheme for Option Pricing
Bertram Düring, Michel

Březina, Tomáš - Mechatronics 2013, ebook

Mechatronics 2013

Březina, Tomáš


Electromagnetic Coil Gun – Construction and Basic Simulation
B. Skala, V. Kindl
13. Generating Code Consistent with Simulink Simulation for Aperiodic Execution on a Target Hardware Powered by a Free RTOS
V. Lamberský, J. Križan, A. Andreev
14. A