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Chang, Edward C. - Handbook of Race and Development in Mental Health, ebook

Handbook of Race and Development in Mental Health

Chang, Edward C.


More Than a Nice Thing to Do: A Practice-Based Evidence Approach to Outcome Evaluation in Native Youth and Family Programs
Barbara J. Friesen, Terry L. Cross, Pauline R. Jivanjee, L. Kris Gowen, Abby Bandurraga, Sara Bastomski, Cori Matthew, Nichole June Maher

Namer, Moïse - Cancer du sein, ebook

Cancer du sein

Namer, Moïse


Table of contents
1. État de l’art des recommandations actuelles sur les marges de sécurité nécessaires lors de l’exérèse conservatrice d’un cancer du sein
I. Jaffré, V. Bordes, M. Dejode, F. Dravet, J.-M. Classe
2. Marges de sécurité Doit-on prendre en compte certains critères (cliniques, radiologiques,

Mosher, David C. - Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences, ebook

Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences

Mosher, David C.


Geochemical Evidence for Groundwater-Charging of Slope Sediments: The Nice Airport 1979 Landslide and Tsunami Revisited
A. J. Kopf, S. Kasten, J. Blees
18. Modeling Slope Instability as Shear Rupture Propagation in a Saturated Porous Medium
R. C. Viesca,

Vincent, Jean-Louis - Intensive Care Medicine, ebook

Intensive Care Medicine

Vincent, Jean-Louis


Procalcitonin: Nice to Know, Need to know, or Needs Further Research?
J. -U. Jensen, J. Løken, T. Mohr
3. Diagnostic and Prognostic Value of Hormokines as Biomarkers in Severe Infections
M. Christ-Crain, B. Müller
4. Novel Biomarkers and the Outcome