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Epstein, Catherine A. - Nazi Germany: Confronting the Myths, ebook

Nazi Germany: Confronting the Myths

Epstein, Catherine A.


Creates a succinct, argument-driven overview for students by using common myths and stereotypes to encourage critical engagement with the subjectProvides an up-to-date historical synthesis based on the latest research in the fieldArgues that in order to fully understand

Johns, Andrew L. - A Companion to Ronald Reagan, ebook

A Companion to Ronald Reagan

Johns, Andrew L.


Assesses Reagan and his impact on the development of the United States based on new documentary evidence and engagement with the most recent secondary literature Offers a mix of historiographic chapters devoted to foreign and domestic policy, with topics integrated

Thomas, Carol G. - Alexander the Great in his World, ebook

Alexander the Great in his World

Thomas, Carol G.


The author examines Alexander's engagement with Greek culture, especially his relationship with Aristotle, and contemplates how other societal factors - especially the highly militarized Macedonian kingdom and the nature of Macedonia's relationship with neighboring

Galloway, William - Battle of Tofrek, ebook

Battle of Tofrek

Galloway, William


A reprint of a limited edition of only 500 copies of William Galloway's detailed account of the Battle of Tofrek, fought on March 22nd 1885, an engagement which only narrowly avoided becoming another Isandhlwana - a British military disaster. Tofrek was fought between the advance guard of

Ward, Major C.H. Dudley - The 56th Division: 1914-1918, ebook

The 56th Division: 1914-1918

Ward, Major C.H. Dudley


Its first major engagement was the unsuccessful diversionary attack at Gommecourt on 1 July 1916 which resulted in 4,749 casualties. The division remained on the Somme till October and in the following year fought in the 1917 Arras offensive and again at Cambrai. In

Örnek, Cangül - Turkey in the Cold War, ebook

Turkey in the Cold War

Örnek, Cangül


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Turkey’s Cold War: Global Influences, Local Manifestations
Cangül Örnek, Çağdaş Üngör
Part I. Propoganda and Discourse
2. Cold War in the Pulpit: The Presidency of Religious Affairs and Sermons during the Time of Anarchy and Communist Threat
Ceren Kenar, Doğan Gürpınar

Carlsten, Jennie M. - Film, History and Memory, ebook

Film, History and Memory

Carlsten, Jennie M.


A Very Long Engagement: The Use of Cinematic Texts in Historical Research
Gianluca Fantoni
3. Screening European Heritage: Negotiating Europe’s Past via the ‘Heritage Film’
Axel Bangert, Paul Cooke, Rob Stone
4. Confronting Silence and Memory