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Evans, Murray J. - Sublime Coleridge, ebook

Sublime Coleridge

Evans, Murray J.


Human Subjects in the Opus Maximum
Murray J. Evans
5. Arguing for the Trinity: Rhetoric and the “Divine Tetractys”
Murray J. Evans
6. The Opus Maximum and Coleridge’s Sublime
Murray J. Evans

Boehm, Katharina - Charles Dickens and the Sciences of Childhood, ebook

Charles Dickens and the Sciences of Childhood

Boehm, Katharina


Experimental Subjects: Oliver Twist and the Culture of Mesmerist Demonstrations
Katharina Boehm
3. Hothouse Children: Dombey and Son and Popular Medical Child Health Manuals
Katharina Boehm
4. Dickens, the Social Mission of Victorian Paediatrics and

Lynall, Gregory - Swift and Science, ebook

Swift and Science

Lynall, Gregory


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Altitudes of Authority
Gregory Lynall
2. Meditations and Mechanisms: Swift and Robert Boyle’s Occasional Reflections upon Several Subjects
Gregory Lynall
3. Sinking the ‘Spider’s Cittadel’: The Battel of the Books and Thomas Burnet’s ‘Philosophical Romance’

Cartwright, Kent - A Companion to Tudor Literature, ebook

A Companion to Tudor Literature

Cartwright, Kent


Presents students with a valuable historical and cultural context to the period Discusses key texts and representative subjects, and explores issues including international influences, religious change, travel and New World discoveries, women’s writing, technological

Robinson, Jeffrey C. - Unfettering Poetry, ebook

Unfettering Poetry

Robinson, Jeffrey C.


Lyric Subjects in Romantic Poetry
Jeffrey C. Robinson
4. Cursory Observations on Poetry and Cheerfulness (with an excursion on rhyming tetrameter couplets)
Jeffrey C. Robinson
Part II. Part II
5. A Poetry of Mind: The Della Cruscans, Mary Robinson,