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Cowlin, Chris - The Christina Aguilera Quiz Book, ebook

The Christina Aguilera Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


Are you Christina Aguilera’s greatest fan? Have you followed her rise to fame from young TV actress and singer to best selling solo artist and dancer? Do you think you know everything there is to know about the talented American superstar? If so, this quiz book will quickly uncover any

Pinson, Bob - Country Music Records : A Discography, 1921-1942, ebook

Country Music Records : A Discography, 1921-1942

Pinson, Bob


Until now, discographies of pre-World War II country music recordings were only to be found scattered in journals and fanzines, or in books devoted to single artists. With primary research based on files and session logs from record companies, interviews with surviving

Snelgrove, Kevin - 101 Interesting Facts on The Eurovision Song Contest, ebook

101 Interesting Facts on The Eurovision Song Contest

Snelgrove, Kevin


Gen up on which country has finished in first and last place the greatest number of times and all the famous artists who have participated in the contest through the years. This book is full of fascinating Eurovision trivia about the performers, compares and participating

Cowlin, Chris - The Katy Perry Quiz Book, ebook

The Katy Perry Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


This fitting tribute to the hugely successful chart topping artist is a fun and entertaining way to find out more about your favourite celebrity. If you are a fan of the one and only Katy Perry, this is the must-have book for you.

Snelgrove, Kevin - 101 Interesting Facts on The Wanted, ebook

101 Interesting Facts on The Wanted

Snelgrove, Kevin


Do you know who is the oldest member of the group? Which artist did The Wanted support on tour in Brazil? What member of the band originally came up with the name, The Wanted? The answers can all be found inside this book, together with many more fascinating facts

Chappell, Jon - Blues Guitar For Dummies, ebook

Blues Guitar For Dummies

Chappell, Jon


It also features a quick guide to musical notation and suggestions on albums, artists, and guitars for further enjoyment. With Blues Guitar for Dummies, you can re-create the masterpieces of the blues legend without the expensive lessons!

Cowlin, Chris - The Vamps Quiz Book, ebook

The Vamps Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


Are you a fan of British band The Vamps? Have you recently discovered this exciting new group or seen them perform as supporting artists? Can you name all the tracks on their debut album? If you think you know about Bradley, Connor, James and Tristan or would like to find out more, you are