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Bosma, Koos - Companion to European Heritage Revivals, ebook

Companion to European Heritage Revivals

Bosma, Koos


Using Games to Mediate History
Connie Veugen
6. “This is Clearly Bullshit”
Mijke Pol
7. Lost Cities, Exotic Travel and Digging up the World
Nina Schücker, Jan Helt
8. When the Past Comes to Life
Peter Plaetsen
9. Visualisation of

Hubner, Laura - The Zombie Renaissance in Popular Culture, ebook

The Zombie Renaissance in Popular Culture

Hubner, Laura


Zombies, Zomedies, Digital Fan Cultures and the Politics of Taste
Paul Manning
12. Zombie Culture: Dissent, Celebration and the Carnivalesque in Social Spaces
Emma Austin
Part V. Zombies in Writing and Culture
13. The Galvanic ‘Unhuman’: Technology,

Carel, Havi - New Takes in Film-Philosophy, ebook

New Takes in Film-Philosophy

Carel, Havi


The Loom of Fate: Graphic Origins and Digital Ontology in Wanted
Stephen Mulhall
8. Film, Literature and Non-Cognitive Affect
Amy Coplan, Derek Matravers
9. Theory as Style: Adapting Crash via Baudrillard and Cronenberg
Catherine Constable

Al-Deen, Hana S. Noor - Social Media and Strategie Communications, ebook

Social Media and Strategie Communications

Al-Deen, Hana S. Noor


Advertising in Social Network Games: How Consumer Persuasion Knowledge and Advertiser Sincerity Impact eWOM of Marketer-Generated Messages
Jin Kyun Lee, Sara Steffes Hansen
2. Twitter as Gateway to Relationship Marketing: A Content Analysis of Relationship

Bourdon, Jérôme - Television Audiences Across the World, ebook

Television Audiences Across the World

Bourdon, Jérôme


Power Games: Audience Measurement as a Mediation between Actors in India
Santanu Chakrabarti
8. Imagining Audiences in Brazil: Class, ‘Race’ and Gender
Esther Hamburger, Heloisa Buarque Almeida, Tirza Aidar
9. From Referee to Scapegoat, but Still

Goldstein, Jeffrey - Toys and Communication, ebook

Toys and Communication

Goldstein, Jeffrey


The End of Play and the Fate of Digital Play Media: A Historical Perspective on the Marketing of Play Culture
Stephen Kline
3. Toys: Between Rhetoric of Education and Rhetoric of Fun
Gilles Brougère
4. A Toy Semiotics, Revisited
David Myers