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McFedries, Paul - Teach Yourself VISUALLY Complete Mac Pro, ebook

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Complete Mac Pro

McFedries, Paul


Now you can take a deep dive through all the killer new features and functions of Apple's visionary new Mac Pro desktop computer with our equally impressive new guide, Teach Yourself VISUALLY Complete Mac Pro. Clear screenshots and lessons show you how to tackle not

Stuart, Brianna - Teach Yourself VISUALLY Photoshop CC, ebook

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Photoshop CC

Stuart, Brianna


Get savvy with the newest features and enhancements of Photoshop CC
The newest version of Photoshop boasts enhanced and new features that afford you some amazing and creative ways to create images with impact, and this popular guide gets visual learners

Marmel, Elaine - Master VISUALLY Excel 2010, ebook

Master VISUALLY Excel 2010

Marmel, Elaine


The complete visual reference on Excel basics
Aimed at visual learners who are seeking an all-in-one reference that provides in-depth coveage of Excel from a visual

Warner, Janine - Teach Yourself VISUALLY Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, ebook

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

Warner, Janine


For those who learn best visually, this colorful, step-by-step guide is the perfect way to learn the program and start building websites with "wow". Numbered steps and full-color screen shots show you just how to navigate the program, format and style text, create

Hart-Davis, Guy - Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhone, ebook

Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhone

Hart-Davis, Guy


A visual guide to the world's most popular mobile device
Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhone is your practical and accessible guide to mastering the powerful features and functionality of Apple's iPhone. For new iPhone users and long-time customers alike,

McFedries, Paul - Teach Yourself VISUALLY Mac OS X Lion, ebook

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Mac OS X Lion

McFedries, Paul


Visual learners will quickly see how to take full advantage of Mac OS X Lion
The latest Mac desktop operating system adds iPad functionality, a desktop App Store, and many more cool features. This guide combines step-by-step instructions with full-color

Marmel, Elaine - Teach Yourself VISUALLY Word 2010, ebook

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Word 2010

Marmel, Elaine


Word 2010 includes support for typographic features that enable you to create more sophisticated documents This guide shows how to use the new features with step-by-step instructions and full-color views of what you see on the screen at each step Perfect for visual

Watson, Lonzell - Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhoto '09, ebook

Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhoto '09

Watson, Lonzell


A step-by-step visual guide to using all aspects of the iPhoto application
iPhoto does a lot more than just allow you to crop your photos and fix red-eye! Packed with full-color illustrations and designed for those who learn best when they see how things are done, Teach Yourself

McFedries, Paul - Windows 8 Visual Quick Tips, ebook

Windows 8 Visual Quick Tips

McFedries, Paul


Designed for visual learners, it features short explanations and full-color screen shots on almost every page, and it's packed with timesaving tips and helpful productivity tricks. From enhancing performance and managing digital