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Sparks, David - Mac at Work, ebook

Mac at Work

Sparks, David


Bridge the gap between using a Mac at home and at the office
Now that you love your Mac at home, you want to use one at the office without missing a beat of productivity or professionalism. This unique guide shows you how.  You’ll find best Mac business practices for handling

Rathbone, Andy - Windows 7 Para Dummies, ebook

Windows 7 Para Dummies

Rathbone, Andy

From 25,10€

Introduces the operating system and shows you how to navigate the user interface, set up your desktop, and manage files Covers basic management of applications and data and how to print Helps you get things done online by setting up a user account and build a home

Kaptein, Maurits - Modern Statistical Methods for HCI, ebook

Modern Statistical Methods for HCI

Kaptein, Maurits


Table of contents
1. An Introduction to Modern Statistical Methods in HCI
Judy Robertson, Maurits Kaptein
Part I. Getting Started With Data Analysis
2. Getting Started with [R]; a Brief Introduction
Lianne Ippel
3. Descriptive Statistics, Graphs, and Visualisation
Joanna Young, Jan Wessnitzer

Marwala, Tshilidzi - Economic Modeling Using Artificial Intelligence Methods, ebook

Economic Modeling Using Artificial Intelligence Methods

Marwala, Tshilidzi


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Economic Modeling
Tshilidzi Marwala
2. Techniques for Economic Modeling: Unlocking the Character of Data
Tshilidzi Marwala
3. Automatic Relevance Determination in Economic Modeling
Tshilidzi Marwala
4. Neural Approaches to Economic Modeling
Tshilidzi Marwala

Shull, Forrest - Guide to Advanced Empirical Software Engineering, ebook

Guide to Advanced Empirical Software Engineering

Shull, Forrest


Software Engineering Data Collection for Field Studies
Janice Singer, Susan E. Sim, Timothy C. Lethbridge
2. Qualitative Methods
Carolyn B. Seaman
3. Personal Opinion Surveys
Barbara A. Kitchenham, Shari L. Pfleeger
4. The Focus Group Method

Byrnes, David - AutoCAD 2007 For Dummies, ebook

AutoCAD 2007 For Dummies

Byrnes, David

From 33,00€

But it’s not always easy to figure out how to perform these functions, and many users end up missing out on AutoCAD’s full potential.
AutoCAD 2007 For Dummies will show you how to perform these tasks and more! This hands-on guide lets you discover how to navigate

Rathbone, Andy - Windows 7 For Dummies, ebook

Windows 7 For Dummies

Rathbone, Andy


Nearly ninety percent of the world's PCs use the Windows operating system Covers basic management of applications, files, and data; creating and printing documents; setting up an Internet connection and e-mail account; and online security Explores using Windows

Gaul, Wolfgang - Classification — the Ubiquitous Challenge, ebook

Classification — the Ubiquitous Challenge

Gaul, Wolfgang


Classification and Data Mining in Musicology
Jan Beran
2. Bayesian Mixed Membership Models for Soft Clustering and Classification
Elena A. Erosheva, Stephen E. Fienberg
3. Predicting Protein Secondary Structure with Markov Models
Paul Fischer,

Gelenbe, Erol - Computer and Information Sciences, ebook

Computer and Information Sciences

Gelenbe, Erol


A Data-Centric Framework for Network Enabled C4ISR Software Systems
Hüseyin N. Karaca, H. Mehmet Yüksel, Eray Tüzün, İsmail Kilinç, Buyurman Baykal
35. A Decentralised, Measurement-based Admission Control Mechanism for Self-Aware Networks