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Rounds, Jerald L. - Construction Supervision, ebook

Construction Supervision

Rounds, Jerald L.


This book covers all supervisory situations one is likely to encounter on a commercial, industrial, or institutional construction project. The book is based upon a very successful Electrical Project Supervision (EPS) training program developed by Rounds and Segner for the National Electrical

Fischer, Manuel - Political Decision-Making in Switzerland, ebook

Political Decision-Making in Switzerland

Fischer, Manuel


Europeanization, Institutional Changes and Differential Empowerment
Manuel Fischer, Pascal Sciarini, Denise Traber
8. ‘Going Public’: The Mediatization of Decision-Making Processes
Manuel Fischer, Pascal Sciarini
9. Who Is Influential and Why? The

Fontaine-Skronski, Kim - Global Governance Facing Structural Changes, ebook

Global Governance Facing Structural Changes

Fontaine-Skronski, Kim


Conceptualizing Institutional Changes in a World of Great Transformations: From the Old Telecommunications Regime to the New Global Internet Governance
Michèle Rioux, Kim Fontaine-Skronski
5. The World Trade Organization and Preferential Trade Agreements:

Cumming, Douglas - Developments in Chinese Entrepreneurship, ebook

Developments in Chinese Entrepreneurship

Cumming, Douglas


Foreign Direct Investment, Institutional Environment, and the Establishment of Private Economy in China
Hongyan Yang, Ting Ren, Massimiliano Sassone
6. How China‘s Small and microtechnology enterprises’ Network Embeddedness Impacts Performance: The Mediated

Morita, Hermina - Clean Energy from the Earth, Wind and Sun, ebook

Clean Energy from the Earth, Wind and Sun

Morita, Hermina


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Roots, Vision, and Strategy
William S. Pintz, Hermina Morita
2. Hawaii Policy Background
William S. Pintz, Hermina Morita
3. Anatomy of a Strategy: Assumptions, Policies, and Initial Resource Assessments
William S. Pintz, Hermina Morita
4. Negotiations: Politics,