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Azuma, Junichi - Taurine 7, ebook

Taurine 7

Azuma, Junichi


Comparative Studies on 24-hour Urinary Excretion in Japanese and Chinese Adults and Children – Need for Nutritional Education
Mari Mori, Jin-Wen Xu, Hideki Mori, Cheng Feng Ling, Guo Hong Wei, Yukio Yamori
42. Taurine Normalizes Blood Levels and Urinary

Kim, Ha Won - Taurine 10, ebook

Taurine 10

Kim, Ha Won


Comparison of Urinary Excretion of Taurine Between Elderly with Dementia and Normal Elderly
Ranran Gao, Mi Ae Bae, Kyung Ja Chang, Sung Hoon Kim
6. Past Taurine Intake Has a Positive Effect on Present Cognitive Function in the Elderly
Mi Ae Bae, Ranran