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Gönenç, İ. Ethem - Sustainable Use and Development of Watersheds, ebook

Sustainable Use and Development of Watersheds

Gönenç, İ. Ethem


Watershed Management Practices in the Philippines: The Tigum-Aganan Watershed Case
Jessica C. Salas
7. Watershed Management System in Poland and Its Implications for Environmental Conditions of the Baltic Sea: An Example of the Vistula River Watershed

Otto-Zimmermann, Konrad - Resilient Cities 2, ebook

Resilient Cities 2

Otto-Zimmermann, Konrad


Urban Climate Governance in the Philippines, Mexico and South Africa: National- and State-Level Laws and Policies
Robert Kehew, Mthobeli Kolisa, Christopher Rollo, Alejandro Callejas, Gotelind Alber
33. Space for Adapting: Reconciling Adaptation and Mitigation

Filho, Walter Leal - Handbook of Sustainability Science and Research, ebook

Handbook of Sustainability Science and Research

Filho, Walter Leal


Table of contents
Part I. Political, Social and Economic Dimensions of Sustainable Development
1. Lessons Learned for Decision-Makers During a 5-Year Research Period on Sustainability Problems at the Galileo University in Guatemala
Nelson Amaro
2. Using Design Thinking and Facebook to Accompany Women in Solving