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Fasano, Giorgio - Space Engineering, ebook

Space Engineering

Fasano, Giorgio


Price, Sébastien Defoort, Rodolphe Riche, Nam-Ho Kim, Raphael T. Haftka, Nicolas Bérend
2. Using Direct Transcription to Compute Optimal Low Thrust Transfers Between Libration Point Orbits
John T. Betts
3. Tentative Solutions for Indirect Optimization

Henry, Robert J. - The Wild Oryza Genomes, ebook

The Wild Oryza Genomes

Henry, Robert J.


and Röhr
Marie Noelle Ndjiondjop, Peterson Wambugu, Tia Dro, Raphael Mufumbo, Jean Sangare, Karlin Gnikoua
16. Oryza meridionalis N.Q.Ng
Ali Mohammad Moner, Robert J. Henry
17. Oryza meyeriana Baill
Kutubuddin Ali Molla, Subhasis

Behnassi, Mohamed - Science, Policy and Politics of Modern Agricultural System, ebook

Science, Policy and Politics of Modern Agricultural System

Behnassi, Mohamed


Table of contents
Part I. Sustainable Agricultural Development Face to Environmental, Economic and Social Dynamics
1. Agricultural and Food System—Global Change Nexus: Dynamics and Policy Implications
Mohamed Behnassi, Shabbir A. Shahid, R. Gopichandran
2. Challenges Facing the Macroeconomic Policy for Sustainable

Bouwer, Laurens - Managing European Coasts, ebook

Managing European Coasts

Bouwer, Laurens


Mee, Corinna Nunneri, Tim O'Riordan, Wim Salomons, Raphael Sardá, Mihalis S. Skourtos, Paul Tett, Jos Timmerman, R. Kerry Turner, Tiedo Vellinga, Jan E. Vermaat, Maren Voss, Wilhelm Windhorst

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