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Filho, Walter Leal - Handbook of Sustainability Science and Research, ebook

Handbook of Sustainability Science and Research

Filho, Walter Leal


The Challenges of Implementing Sustainable Development Goals in Brazil: An Analysis Based on the Outcomes of the Brazilian Millennium Development Goals
João Marcelo Pereira Ribeiro, Sthefanie Aguiar Silva, Vitória Haendchen Fornasari, Larissa Pereira Cipoli

Avelino, Flor - Co-­creating Sustainable Urban Futures, ebook

Co-­creating Sustainable Urban Futures

Avelino, Flor


Table of contents
1. Transition Management in and for Cities: Introducing a New Governance Approach to Address Urban Challenges
Niki Frantzeskaki, Katharina Hölscher, Julia M. Wittmayer, Flor Avelino, Matthew Bach
2. Understanding the Urban Context and Its Challenges
Niki Frantzeskaki, Matthew Bach, Patience

Lentz, Sebastian - Restructing Eastern Germany, ebook

Restructing Eastern Germany

Lentz, Sebastian


New Spatial Patterns of Population Development as a Factor in Restructuring Eastern Germany
Günter Herfert, Sebastian Lentz
8. Strengthening the Human Resource Base in Eastern German Regions
Ulf Matthiesen
9. Strategies for Urban Regeneration — The

Sterling, Mary Jane - Trigonometry For Dummies, ebook

Trigonometry For Dummies

Sterling, Mary Jane

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Trig also has applications in fields as broad as financial analysis, music theory, biology, medical imaging, cryptology, game development, and seismology.
From sines and cosines to logarithms, conic sections, and polynomials,

Cartwright, William - Multimedia Cartography, ebook

Multimedia Cartography

Cartwright, William


Virtual Queenscliff: A Computer Game Approach for Depicting Geography
Timothy Germanchis, William Cartwright, Christopher Pettit
26. Maps and LBS — Supporting wayfinding by cartographic means
Georg Gartner, Verena Radoczky
27. Adaptation in mobile

Augustin, Thomas - Introduction to Imprecise Probabilities, ebook

Introduction to Imprecise Probabilities

Augustin, Thomas

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This will be the first book providing such an introduction, covering core theory and recent developments which can be applied to many application areas. All authors of individual chapters are leading researchers on the specific topics, assuring high quality and up-to-date