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Centeno, Miguel A. - War and Society, ebook

War and Society

Centeno, Miguel A.


War is a paradox. On the one hand, it destroys bodies and destroys communities. On the other hand, it is responsible for some of the strongest human bonds and has been the genesis of many of our most fundamental institutions.  
War and Society addresses…

Dowty, Alan - The Israel/Palestine Reader, ebook

The Israel/Palestine Reader

Dowty, Alan


Introduction to any complex international conflict is enriched when the voices of the adversaries are heard. The Israel/Palestine Reader is an innovative collection, focused on the human dimension of the ongoing Israeli–Palestinian confrontation.…

Diehl, Paul F. - International Mediation, ebook

International Mediation

Diehl, Paul F.


Understanding how third parties use mediation to encourage settlements and establish a durable peace among belligerents is vital for managing these conflicts. Among many features, this book empirically examines the history of post-World War II mediation efforts

Emkic, Eleonora - Reconciliation and  Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ebook

Reconciliation and Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Emkic, Eleonora


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Eleonora Emkic
2. Conflict Transformation, Sustainable Education and Peace Education
Eleonora Emkic
3. Peace Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Eleonora Emkic
4. Data Analysis of Education Curricula, Textbooks and Teachers’ Approach in Bosnia and Herzegovina Schools

Lowenthal, Mark M. - The Future of Intelligence, ebook

The Future of Intelligence

Lowenthal, Mark M.


Intelligence is, by definition, a shadowy business. Yet many aspects of this secret world are now more openly analyzed and discussed, a trend which has inevitably prompted lively debate about intelligence gathering and analysis: what should be allowed?…

Renz, Bettina - Russia's Military Revival, ebook

Russia's Military Revival

Renz, Bettina


Russian annexation of Crimea and the subsequent air campaign over Syria took the world by surprise. The capabilities and efficiency of Moscow’s armed forces during both operations signalled to the world that Russia was back in business as a significant…

O'Brien, Melanie - Criminalising Peacekeepers, ebook

Criminalising Peacekeepers

O'Brien, Melanie


Table of contents
1. UN Peacekeepers, the Military and Sexual Exploitation
Melanie O’Brien
2. National Criminal Jurisdiction Over Australian and US Military Personnel
Melanie O’Brien
3. General Criminal Provisions of US and Australian…

Rogers, Paul - Why We're Losing the War on Terror, ebook

Why We're Losing the War on Terror

Rogers, Paul

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The war on terror is a lost cause. As the war heads towards its second decade, American security policy is in disarray – the Iraq War is a disaster, Afghanistan is deeply insecure and the al-Qaida movement remains as potent as ever with new generations…