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Zazkis, Rina - Lesson Play in Mathematics Education:, ebook

Lesson Play in Mathematics Education:

Zazkis, Rina


Table of contents
1. Planning for Instruction
Rina Zazkis, Nathalie Sinclair, Peter Liljedahl
2. Introducing Lesson Play
Rina Zazkis, Nathalie Sinclair, Peter Liljedahl
3. Evolution of the Task
Rina Zazkis, Nathalie Sinclair, Peter…

Alcock, Sophie Jane - Young Children Playing, ebook

Young Children Playing

Alcock, Sophie Jane


Infants and Toddlers Relating and Playing: Layers of Holding
8. A Holding Environment
Sophie Jane Alcock
9. Relational Fields and Context
Sophie Jane Alcock
Part IV. Implications for Teachers: Observing Subjectively, Reflectively, Relationally and

Hagood, Thomas Chase - Playing to Learn with Reacting to the Past, ebook

Playing to Learn with Reacting to the Past

Hagood, Thomas Chase


Table of contents
1. Reacting to the Past: An Introduction to Its Scholarly Foundation
Thomas Chase Hagood, C. Edward Watson, Brittany M. Williams
2. Impact and Perception: Reacting to the Past at Middle Tennessee State University
Dawn McCormack, Karen K. Petersen
3. The Crowded Streets of Paris: Using RTTP

Rämö, Aurora - Jahti, ebook


Rämö, Aurora


Äänekoskelainen perheenisä Mikko Parantainen käyttää vapaa-aikansa pedofiilien metsästämiseen. Parantainen jakaa vinkkejä poliisille ja lehdistölle ja julkaisee seksuaalirikollisten nimiä ja kuvia internetissä. Apureina hänellä on muita…

Wells, Karen - Childhood in a Global Perspective, ebook

Childhood in a Global Perspective

Wells, Karen


The second edition of this compelling and popular book offers aunique global perspective on children’s lives throughout theworld. It shows how the notion of childhood is being radicallyre-shaped, in part as a consequence of globalization.