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Tham, Thorsten - Multisensory Impact of Sport Events, ebook

Multisensory Impact of Sport Events

Tham, Thorsten


Table of contents
1. A Holistic multisensory approach as an opportunity for brand management in soccer
Thorsten Tham
2. B Theoretical foundations and development of integrated reference framework
Thorsten Tham
3. C Empirical study of sensory perception and effectiveness during games played by the German soccer

Sommerrock, Katharina - Social Entrepreneurship Business Models, ebook

Social Entrepreneurship Business Models

Sommerrock, Katharina


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Prologue
Katharina Sommerrock
2. Introduction
Katharina Sommerrock
Part II. The Social Entrepreneurship Phenomenon
3. Evolution and Context
Katharina Sommerrock
4. Terminological Clarification
Katharina Sommerrock
Part III. Theoretical Perspectives