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Goić, Srećko - Finance in Central and Southeastern Europe, ebook

Finance in Central and Southeastern Europe

Goić, Srećko


Table of contents
1. Is Monetary Policy Really Forward-Looking? The Case of the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary
Magdalena Szyszko
2. A Study of the Possible Consequences in the Event of an Accelerated Issuance and Widespread Use of Private e-Money: A Case Study of Montenegro
Biljana Rondovic, Vujica Lazovic,

Karasavvoglou, Anastasios - Economic Crisis in Europe and the Balkans, ebook

Economic Crisis in Europe and the Balkans

Karasavvoglou, Anastasios


Table of contents
Part I. Economic Crisis in Europe
1. A Reputation Risk Perspective on the European Economic Crisis
Nikitas-Spiros Koutsoukis, Spyridon Roukanas
2. The Financial Crisis in Greece and Its Impacts on Western Balkan Countries
Murat Sadiku, Luljeta Sadiku, Nimete Berisha
3. A Comparison of

Nedović-Budić, Zorica - The Urban Mosaic of Post-Socialist Europe, ebook

The Urban Mosaic of Post-Socialist Europe

Nedović-Budić, Zorica


Table of contents
Part I.The Driving Forces of Post-Socialist Change
1. The urban mosaic of post-socialist Europe
Zorica Nedovic-Budic, Sasha Tsenkova, Peter Marcuse
2. Beyond transitions: Understanding urban change in post-socialist cities
Sasha Tsenkova
3. Institutional and spatial change
Tuna Tasan-Kok

Costa-Font, Joan - Financing Long-Term Care in Europe, ebook

Financing Long-Term Care in Europe

Costa-Font, Joan


Financing Long-Term Care in Southwest Europe: Italy, Portugal and Spain
Joan Costa-Font, Cristiano Gori, Silvina Santana
11. Long-Term Care Financing in Austria
Birgit Trukeschitz, Ulrike Schneider
12. Financing Long-Term Care in Germany
Andy Zuchandke,