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Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge - Fiscal Equalization, ebook

Fiscal Equalization

Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge


Table of contents
1. Introduction
1. Challenges in the Design of Fiscal Equalization and Intergovernmental Transfers
Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, Bob Searle
2. The Nature of Equalization - Objectives and Consequences
2. Fiscal Capacity Equalization and Economic Efficiency: The Case of Australia
Jeffrey D. Petchey,

Carroll, Toby - The Politics of Marketising Asia, ebook

The Politics of Marketising Asia

Carroll, Toby


Into the Deep: The World Bank Group and Mining Regimes in Laos, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea
Pascale Hatcher
7. Building Neoliberal Markets and Other Agendas: The Politics of Risk Management at AusAID
Thomas Wanner, Andrew Rosser
8. Market Building

Kaur, Amarjit - Mobility, Labour Migration and Border Controls in Asia, ebook

Mobility, Labour Migration and Border Controls in Asia

Kaur, Amarjit


Table of contents
Part I. Divided We Move: Migration Challenges in Asia
1. Introduction
Amarjit Kaur, Ian Metcalfe
2. Changing Border Control Regimes and their Impact on Migration in Asia
Tessa Morris-Suzuki
3. Order (and Disorder) at the Border: Mobility, International Labour Migration and Border Controls

Lin, Carol Yeh-Yun - National Intellectual Capital, ebook

National Intellectual Capital

Lin, Carol Yeh-Yun


National Intellectual Capital of Four Southeast Asian Countries (Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand)
Carol Yeh-Yun Lin, Leif Edvinsson
14. National Intellectual Capital of the Four BRIC Countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China)
Carol Yeh-Yun Lin,