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Webb, Dave - Subjective Well-Being and Security, ebook

Subjective Well-Being and Security

Webb, Dave


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Dave Webb, Eduardo Wills-Herrera
2. Safety and Subjective Well-Being: A Perspective from the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index
Robert A. Cummins
3. Terror, Fear and Individual and Community Well-Being
Anne Aly
4. Personal Security and Fear of Crime as Predictors of

Cloutier, Scott - New Dimensions in Community Well-Being, ebook

New Dimensions in Community Well-Being

Cloutier, Scott


What Is More Important to Residents: A City’s Attractiveness or Citizens’ Residential Satisfaction? An Analysis of the Explanatory Attributes in Shrinking Cities of Portugal
Ana Paula Barreira, Maria Helena Guimarães, Thomas Panagopoulos
Part III. Place

Phillips, Rhonda - Handbook of Community Well-Being Research, ebook

Handbook of Community Well-Being Research

Phillips, Rhonda


Community Capacity in End of Life Care: Can a Community Development Model Address Suffering and Enhance Well-Being?
Kyle Y. Whitfield, Martin LaBrie
Part IV. Planning, Design, and Measuring
16. From National to Local: Measuring Well-Being at the Community