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Contini, Francesco - The Circulation of Agency in E-Justice, ebook

The Circulation of Agency in E-Justice

Contini, Francesco


Law, Technology and System Architectures: Critical Design Factors for Money Claim and Possession Claim Online in England and Wales
Giampiero Lupo
5. Functional Simplification Through Holistic Design: The COVL Case in Slovenia
Gregor Strojin
6. The Piecemeal

Howard, Philip N. - Castells and the Media: Theory and Media, ebook

Castells and the Media: Theory and Media

Howard, Philip N.


One of the most prolific and respected scholars today, Manuel Castells has given us a new language for understanding the impact of information and communication technologies on social life.
Politicians can no longer run for office without a digital media strategy, new communication

Arvidsson, Adam - Introduction to Digital Media, ebook

Introduction to Digital Media

Arvidsson, Adam


Presented in six sections—Media and Digital Technologies; The Information Society; Cultures and Identities; Digital Collaboration; Public Sphere and Power; Digital Economies—the book offers in-depth chapter coverage of new and old media; network infrastructure;

Henman, Paul - Governing Electronically, ebook

Governing Electronically

Henman, Paul


Conceptualising Technology and Government
Paul Henman
3. The Governmentality of E-government
Paul Henman
Part II. Domains of E-government
4. E-Welfare
Paul Henman
5. E-Tax
Paul Henman
6. E-Health
Paul Henman
Part III. Reconfigurations

Silverstone, Roger - Media and Morality: On the Rise of the Mediapolis, ebook

Media and Morality: On the Rise of the Mediapolis

Silverstone, Roger


It argues that the media (the press, broadcasting, the Internet and increasingly peer-to-peer technologies and networks) have a profound significance for the way in which the world is understood by its citizens. It also argues that without a clear understanding of