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 - Real Ambition: Quit Dreaming and Create Success Your Way, ebook

Real Ambition: Quit Dreaming and Create Success Your Way


Written in association with Psychologies Magazine the leading magazine for intelligent people, covering work, personal development and lifestyle issues Real Ambition is: Packed full of tips, techniques and advice to help achieve your dreams Based on scientific evidence

Bjelić, Dušan I. - Intoxication, Modernity, and Colonialism, ebook

Intoxication, Modernity, and Colonialism

Bjelić, Dušan I.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: On Poison and Reason
Dušan I. Bjelić
2. Cocaine: Modernity’s Two Orders of Colonialisms
Dušan I. Bjelić
3. Freud’s “Cocaine Episode” on Benjamin’s Hashish
Dušan I. Bjelić
4. Freud’s Somatic Paris: The Benjaminian Thesis
Dušan I. Bjelić

Belcher, Paula - Understanding Sleep and Dreaming, ebook

Understanding Sleep and Dreaming

Belcher, Paula


Table of contents
Part I.Sleep and Sleeping
1. What is Sleep and How is it Scientifically Measured?
2. The Need to Sleep
3. Normal Variations of Sleep
Part II.What Causes us to Sleep?
4. The Brain in Sleep
5. The Body During Sleep
Part III.Dreams and Dreaming
6. Dreams
7. Dreaming

Behr, Harold - Group-Analytic Psychotherapy: A Meeting of Minds, ebook

Group-Analytic Psychotherapy: A Meeting of Minds

Behr, Harold


An exposition on the group in full flow provides an unusual insight into the processes which constitute the analytic culture, including the analysis of dreams, the art of interpreting, use of the transference and countertransference, and the place of play, humour and

Risner, Nigel - The Impact Code: Live the Life you Deserve, ebook

The Impact Code: Live the Life you Deserve

Risner, Nigel


So, it's time to get off your butt and start living for yourself, for your dreams and for your life. Nigel Risner's approach is direct, sincere and devastatingly honest. If you follow the code, you will see and feel a difference in your life and the life of everyone