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Cooper, David E. - Aesthetics: The Classic Readings, ebook

Aesthetics: The Classic Readings

Cooper, David E.


Danto among others Intersperses philosophical scholarship with diverse contributions from artists, poets, novelists, and critics Broadens the scope of aesthetics beyond the Western tradition, including important texts by Asian philosophers from Mo Tzu to Tanizaki Includes

Cederström, Carl - Impossible Objects, ebook

Impossible Objects

Cederström, Carl

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Essential reading for artists, academics, and general readers alike, this book explores the relationship between the philosophical world and those complex and fascinating "impossible objects" which give life meaning.

Comfort, Kelly - Art and Life in Aestheticism, ebook

Art and Life in Aestheticism

Comfort, Kelly


Dickens À La Carte: Aesthetic Victualism and the Invigoration of the Artist in Huysmans’s Against Nature
Paul Fox
Part II. Reconsidering Turn-of-the-Century Aestheticism
5. Aesthetic Vampirism: Pater, Wilde, and the Concept of Irony
Andrew Eastham

Müller, Vincent C. - Fundamental Issues of Artificial Intelligence, ebook

Fundamental Issues of Artificial Intelligence

Müller, Vincent C.


Machine Art or Machine Artists?: Dennett, Danto, and the Expressive Stance
Adam Linson
27. Perception, Action and the Notion of Grounding
Alexandros Tillas, Gottfried Vosgerau
28. The Seminal Speculation of a Precursor: Elements of Embodied Cognition