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Bisht, Jaideep Kumar - Conservation Agriculture, ebook

Conservation Agriculture

Bisht, Jaideep Kumar


Resource Conservation Technologies (RCTs) for Climate-Resilient Agriculture in the Foothill of Northwest Himalayas
Sanjay Arora, Rajan Bhatt
4. Role of Biofertilizers in Conservation Agriculture
Mahendra Singh, M.

Macdonald, David W. - Key Topics in Conservation Biology 2, ebook

Key Topics in Conservation Biology 2

Macdonald, David W.


Following the much acclaimed success of the first volume of Key Topics in Conservation Biology, this entirely new second volume addresses an innovative array of key topics in contemporary conservation biology.  Written by an internationally renowned

Carroll, Scott P. - Conservation Biology : Evolution in Action, ebook

Conservation Biology : Evolution in Action

Carroll, Scott P.


The main goal of this book is to encourage and formalize the infusion of evolutionary thinking into mainstream conservation biology. It reviews the evolutionary foundations of conservation issues, and unifies conceptual and empirical advances in evolutionary