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Peppard, Joe - Strategic Planning for Information Systems, ebook

Strategic Planning for Information Systems

Peppard, Joe


Computer Weekly
Strategic Planning for Information Systems (3rd Edition) explores the impact that Information Systems (IS) have on business performance and the contribution IS makes to the strategic development of organizations. It describes IS tools,

Palermo, Pier Carlo - Spatial Planning and Urban Development:, ebook

Spatial Planning and Urban Development:

Palermo, Pier Carlo


Table of contents
1. The Topic of Study
Pier Carlo Palermo, Davide Ponzini
2. The Many Faces of Planning
Pier Carlo Palermo, Davide Ponzini
3. A Crossroads with Many Dimensions
Pier Carlo Palermo, Davide Ponzini
4. Emerging Questions
Pier Carlo Palermo, Davide Ponzini
5. The Course of Our Discussion

Davies, Winifred V. - Language Planning and Microlinguistics, ebook

Language Planning and Microlinguistics

Davies, Winifred V.


Language Planning and Microlinguistics: Introduction
Winifred V. Davies, Evelyn Ziegler
Part I. Education
2. Bilingual Kindergarten Programmes: the Interaction of Language Management and Language Attitudes
Astrid Rothe, Katarina Wagner
3. Language

Böse, Jürgen W. - Handbook of Terminal Planning, ebook

Handbook of Terminal Planning

Böse, Jürgen W.


Modeling Techniques in Planning of Terminals: The Quantitative Approach
Yvo A. Saanen
6. Simulation Technology in Planning, Implementation and Operation of Container Terminals

Sharifi, Ayyoob - Resilience-Oriented Urban Planning, ebook

Resilience-Oriented Urban Planning

Sharifi, Ayyoob


Urban Informality and Planning: Challenges to Mainstreaming Resilience in Indian Cities
Minal Pathak, Darshini Mahadevia
4. Designing a ‘Fit-for-Purpose’ Approach to Tracking Progress on Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience: Learning from Local Governments