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Chalofsky, Neal E. - Meaningful Workplaces: Reframing How and Where we Work, ebook

Meaningful Workplaces: Reframing How and Where we Work

Chalofsky, Neal E.


Based on a multi-year study, this book reveals the three major elements that combine to create a workplace environment where people want to work. The elements are: It’s not about the perks, it’s about the culture; The organization supports the whole person and the whole person

Bal, Matthijs - Dignity in the Workplace, ebook

Dignity in the Workplace

Bal, Matthijs


Introducing Workplace Dignity to Management Studies
Matthijs Bal
5. Implementing Workplace Dignity in Organizations
Matthijs Bal
6. Dignity, Workplace Democracy, and HRM

Bartlett, Diana - Dyslexia in the Workplace: An Introductory Guide, ebook

Dyslexia in the Workplace: An Introductory Guide

Bartlett, Diana


The second edition of Dyslexia in the Workplace is a comprehensive guide to how dyslexic adults in employment can improve their skills, and how their employers and other professionals can help. Offers invaluable insights for overcoming obstacles to success, enhancing workplace

Eunson, Baden - Communication in the Workplace, ebook

Communication in the Workplace

Eunson, Baden


Communication in the Workplace is a revealing snapshot of how organisations really work. In workplaces throughout Australia and across the planet, billions of messages are sent in various forms every day, but not all of them get though. Of those that

Atzeni, Maurizio - Workplace Conflict, ebook

Workplace Conflict

Atzeni, Maurizio


The Roots of Mobilization: Workplace and Social Conflict in Argentina in an Historical Perspective
Maurizio Atzeni
4. Injustice and Solidarity in the Dynamics of Collective Action
Maurizio Atzeni
5. Conflict Evolution at FIAT: Workers’ Radicalization