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Zhang, Liangchi - Engineering Education and Management, ebook

Engineering Education and Management

Zhang, Liangchi


The Creation and Connotation of Seven Equations in “A+T·CDIO” Engineering Teaching Reform
Liu Chaoying
16. The Study on Constructing the Teaching System of the Generic Cabling Course for the Intelligent Building Major
Jianwen Cao, Xinli Wei

Zhang, Ying - Future Communication, Computing, Control and Management, ebook

Future Communication, Computing, Control and Management

Zhang, Ying


Designing Network Immunization Strategies Based on Graph Partitioning Methods
Changxi Niu, Lemin Li, Du Xu
13. Researches into Semiorthogonality Quality of Multivariant Wavelet Packages with Short Support
Yongcai Hu
14. The Research of a Pair of Canonical