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Peterson, James K. - Calculus for Cognitive Scientists, ebook

Calculus for Cognitive Scientists

Peterson, James K.


Table of contents
Part I. Introductory Matter
1. Introduction
James K. Peterson
Part II. Quantitative Tools
2. Graham–Schmidt Orthogonalization
James K. Peterson
3. Numerical Differential Equations
James K. Peterson

Ribes, Ramón - English for Biomedical Scientists, ebook

English for Biomedical Scientists

Ribes, Ramón


Table of contents
2. Methodological Approach to English for Biomedical Scientists
Ramón Ribes, Palma Iannarelli, Rafael F. Duarte
3. English Grammar Usage
Ramón Ribes, Palma Iannarelli, Rafael F. Duarte
4. Usual Mistakes Made by Scientistis…

Maurits, Natasha - Math for Scientists, ebook

Math for Scientists

Maurits, Natasha


Table of contents
1. Numbers and Mathematical Symbols
Natasha Maurits
2. Equation Solving
Branislava Ćurčić-Blake
3. Trigonometry
Natasha Maurits
4. Vectors
Natasha Maurits
5. Matrices
Natasha Maurits
6. Limits…

Barrotta, Pierluigi - Scientists, Democracy and Society, ebook

Scientists, Democracy and Society

Barrotta, Pierluigi


Table of contents
1. Hume’s ‘Law’ and the Ideal of Value-Free Science
Pierluigi Barrotta
2. Concepts, Values, and Scientific Measurements
Pierluigi Barrotta
3. Values and Inductive Risk
Pierluigi Barrotta
4. Scientific…

Burger, Joanna - Stakeholders and Scientists, ebook

Stakeholders and Scientists

Burger, Joanna


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Stakeholders and Science
Joanna Burger
2. Minority Participation in Environmental and Energy Decision Making
James H. Johnson
3. Energy Diversity: Options and Stakeholders
Michael Gochfeld

Brotherton, Michael - Science Fiction by Scientists, ebook

Science Fiction by Scientists

Brotherton, Michael


Table of contents
1. Down and Out
Ken Wharton
2. The Tree of Life
Jennifer Rohn
3. Supernova Rhythm
Andrew Fraknoi
4. Turing de Force
Edward M. Lerner
5. Neural Alchemist
Tedd Roberts
6. Hidden Variables

Gascuel, Olivier - Mathematics of Evolution and Phylogeny, ebook

Mathematics of Evolution and Phylogeny

Gascuel, Olivier


This book of contributed chapters is authored by renowned scientists and covers recent results in the highly topical area of mathematics in evolution and phylogeny. Each chapter is a detailed overview of a specific topic, from the underlying concepts to... Copying to clipboard limited

Becker, Jill B. - Sex Differences in the Brain: From Genes to Behavior, ebook

Sex Differences in the Brain: From Genes to Behavior

Becker, Jill B.


Sex Differences in the Brain provides scientists with the basic tools for investigating sex differences in brain and behavior and insight into areas where important progress in understanding physiologically relevant sex differences has already been made. This book