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DeOrnellas, Kathy - Bullying in School, ebook

Bullying in School

DeOrnellas, Kathy


Principals and School Resource Officers’ Perspectives on Bullying
Laura Trujillo-Jenks, Kenneth Jenks
5. School Psychologists and School Counselors’ Perspectives on Bullying
Kathy DeOrnellas, Ronald S. Palomares

Al-Hroub, Anies - ADHD in Lebanese Schools, ebook

ADHD in Lebanese Schools

Al-Hroub, Anies


Table of contents
1. Introduction to ADHD
Hala Mohammed Berri, Anies Al-Hroub
2. Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment of ADHD in School-Aged Children
Hala Mohammed Berri, Anies Al-Hroub
3. Researching Lebanese Teachers’ Knowledge and Perceptions of ADHD
Hala Mohammed Berri, Anies Al-Hroub
4. Teachers’

Stern, Julian - A Philosophy of Schooling, ebook

A Philosophy of Schooling

Stern, Julian


The Sustainability of Schooling and Its Alternatives
Julian Stern
8. A Curriculum for One: Overcoming Dualism
Julian Stern
9. The Politics of Schooling
Julian Stern

Dockett, Sue - Families and Transition to School, ebook

Families and Transition to School

Dockett, Sue


Transition to Being Parents of a School-Child: Parental Perspective on Coping of Parents and Child Nine Months After School Start
Wilfried Griebel, Andreas Wildgruber, Andrea Schuster, Julia Radan
3. Giving Voice to Families from Immigrant and Refugee Backgrounds

Larkins, Pam - How to Prepare Your Child for Primary School, ebook

How to Prepare Your Child for Primary School

Larkins, Pam


Starting school is one of the most important events in your child’s life and can be an exciting time for parents and children alike, but even the most confident child can find it a daunting prospect if not adequately prepared. Help your child to form positive attitudes towards education

Payzant, Tom - Urban School Leadership, ebook

Urban School Leadership

Payzant, Tom


This important book, written by educational expert and urban school leader, Tom Payzant, offers a realistic understanding of what urban school leadership looks like from the inside. Payzant shares his first-hand knowledge of the unique managerial, instructional,