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Nijsen, André - Business Regulation and Public Policy, ebook

Business Regulation and Public Policy

Nijsen, André


Regulatory Flexibility Act
William J. Dennis
8. Tanzania and the Problem of the Missing Middle: A Regulatory Reform Case of the United Republic of Tanzania
Bede Lyimo
9. Customized Regulations: How the Dutch Experienced

Gretschmann, Klaus - Revolutionising EU Innovation Policy, ebook

Revolutionising EU Innovation Policy

Gretschmann, Klaus


Revisiting Innovation: Revolutionising European Innovation Policy by Means of an Innovation Ecosystem
Klaus Gretschmann, Stefan Schepers
2. The Benefits and Rewards of Innovation Policies
Morten Rasmussen
3. Icarus or Sisyphus: Innovation Between Hype,

Wavre, Véronique - Policy Diffusion and Telecommunications Regulation, ebook

Policy Diffusion and Telecommunications Regulation

Wavre, Véronique


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Véronique Wavre
2. Theoretical Framework
Véronique Wavre
3. Research Design
Véronique Wavre
4. Regulatory Trends in MENA Telecommunications
Véronique Wavre
5. Universal Service Obligation (USO) and Spectrum Management
Véronique Wavre
6. Jordan

Kritikos, Mihalis - EU Policy-Making on GMOs, ebook

EU Policy-Making on GMOs

Kritikos, Mihalis


Developing a Regulatory Framework on GMO Releases
Mihalis Kritikos
4. The 1990/220 Deliberate Release Directive: Early Implementation and Revision
Mihalis Kritikos
5. Authorising GMOs and the Resort to EFSA’s Opinions: Space for Other Legitimate Factors?

Krott, Max - Forest Policy Analysis, ebook

Forest Policy Analysis

Krott, Max


Table of contents
1. Professionalization of Forest Sector Policy Making
2. Interests and Conflicts in the Forest Sector
3. Programs for Forest Protection and Utilization
4. Forest Users: Owners, Workers & Employees, and the General Population
5. Associations and Political Parties
6. Government and Administration