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Caspersen, Nina - Peace Agreements: Finding Solutions to Intra-state Conflicts, ebook

Peace Agreements: Finding Solutions to Intra-state Conflicts

Caspersen, Nina


Since the end of the Cold War a significant number of peace agreements have been signed, many of them in bloody intra-state conflicts that were previously thought beyond resolution. How have these agreements addressed issues of territory, security, power and justice? Do they reveal a blueprint

Grosvenor, Peter C. - Norway’s Peace Policy, ebook

Norway’s Peace Policy

Grosvenor, Peter C.


The Peace Engagement of a Peace Culture: Observations on the National Identity Foundations of Norwegian Foreign Policy
James Larry Taulbee, Ann Kelleher, Peter C. Grosvenor
3. Norway’s Approach to Achieving Peace: Structure

Eichler, Jan - War, Peace and International Security, ebook

War, Peace and International Security

Eichler, Jan


Table of contents
1. Theoretical Inspiration: Three Key Authors
Jan Eichler
2. From Sarajevo to San Francisco
Jan Eichler
3. The Cold War
Jan Eichler
4. From the End of the Cold War to the End of the Global War on Terror

Cellamare, Giovanni - Peace Maintenance in Africa, ebook

Peace Maintenance in Africa

Cellamare, Giovanni


The Relationship Between the UN Security Council and the AU Peace and Security Council in the Field of Peacekeeping
Giovanni Cellamare
2. The African Security System: Between the Quest for Autonomy and the External Financial Dependence
Giuseppe Pascale

Devin, Guillaume - Making Peace, ebook

Making Peace

Devin, Guillaume


Liberal Peace and Assistance in Central Asia
Shahrbanou Tadjbakhsh
9. Reducing Poverty and Inequality? What Is the Purpose of UNDP?
Jean-Marc Bellot, Jean-Marc Châtaigner
10. Punishment, Dissuasion, Reparation: The Scope of International Criminal Justice

Baker, Catherine - Interpreting the Peace, ebook

Interpreting the Peace

Baker, Catherine


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Michael Kelly, Catherine Baker
2. Serving in a Foreign Field
Michael Kelly, Catherine Baker
3. The Multiple Roles of Military Interpreters
Michael Kelly, Catherine Baker
4. Language Support…

Gibson, Stephen - Representations of Peace and Conflict, ebook

Representations of Peace and Conflict

Gibson, Stephen


Peace Movements and Resistance
2. Peace Now or Never? Images of Peace in Israel
Jon Simons
3. The Return of the ‘Conchie’: Newspaper Representations of Conscientious Objectors and Pacifists in World War II
John Tulloch
4. What’s Going On: Anti-War

Perry, Donna J. - The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Movement, ebook

The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Movement

Perry, Donna J.


Table of contents
Part I. Background
1. Introduction
Donna J. Perry
2. Learning from the Peacemakers A Research Inquiry
Donna J. Perry
Part II. Palestinian Context: Themes I–III
3. Palestinian Awareness and Understanding of…