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Ph.D., Bradley C. Boehmke, - Data Wrangling with R, ebook

Data Wrangling with R

Ph.D., Bradley C. Boehmke,


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. The Role of Data Wrangling
Bradley C. Boehmke
2. Introduction to R
Bradley C. Boehmke
3. The Basics
Bradley C. Boehmke
Part II. Working with Different Types of Data in R
4. Dealing with Numbers
Bradley C. Boehmke
5. Dealing with Character Strings

Tan, Honghua - Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, ebook

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Tan, Honghua


Tree-Mesh Based P2P Streaming Data Distribution Scheme
Jianming Zhao, Nianmin Yao, Shaobin Cai, Xiang Li
12. The Transform of the National Geographic Grids for China Based on the Axial Minimum Enclosing Rectangle
Quanfu Bao, Zhengguo Li, Xiaochong Tong,

Maimon, Oded - Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Handbook, ebook

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Handbook

Maimon, Oded


Handling Missing Attribute Values
Jerzy W. Grzymala-Busse, Witold J. Grzymala-Busse
4. Geometric Methods for Feature Extraction and Dimensional Reduction
Christopher J. C. Burges
5. Dimension Reduction and Feature Selection
Barak Chizi, Oded Maimon