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Chaston, Ian - Entrepreneurial Marketing, ebook

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Chaston, Ian


Entrepreneurial Marketing Successfully Challenging Market Convention It is increasingly apparent that most firms succeed because they are willing to break the rules and act entrepreneurially. The purpose of this text is to examine how this simple trading principle can be applied by any

Foscht, Thomas - Reverse Psychology Marketing, ebook

Reverse Psychology Marketing

Foscht, Thomas


Over-marketing and brand suicide
Indrajit Sinha, Thomas Foscht
3. “Wal-Marts and Ferraris”
Indrajit Sinha, Thomas Foscht
4. Network buzz and pull
Indrajit Sinha, Thomas Foscht
5. The new marketing zeitgeist
Indrajit Sinha, Thomas Foscht

McDonald, Malcolm - Marketing and Finance: Creating Shareholder Value, ebook

Marketing and Finance: Creating Shareholder Value

McDonald, Malcolm


Nowhere is this more true than at the marketing/finance interface. At this mission-critical boundary, senior marketers must understand the implications of their strategies not just for sales or profit, but on risk adjusted rate of return. Similarly, senior finance

Newlands, Murray - Online Marketing: A User's Manual, ebook

Online Marketing: A User's Manual

Newlands, Murray


Online Marketing has all the answers. Murray Newlands tells you everything you need to know; how to do it; how to do it even better; and what the future might hold. With this book you’ll get closer to your customers, increase conversions, learn more about the

Fillis, Ian - Creative Marketing, ebook

Creative Marketing

Fillis, Ian


Table of contents
1. An Introduction to Creative Marketing
Ian Fillis, Ruth Rentschler
2. The Emergence of Creative Marketing
Ian Fillis, Ruth Rentschler
3. Eureka! Creativity Research Then and Now
Ian Fillis, Ruth Rentschler
4. Artistic Biography as Insight into Creative Marketing
Ian Fillis,

Kermally, Sultan - Gurus On Marketing, ebook

Gurus On Marketing

Kermally, Sultan


One stop résumé of the major 'gurus' who have had a critical influence on marketing thinking and development. This is much more than just a series of summaries, Sultan has worked directly with many of the figures in this book. It's enabled him to summarise, contrast and comment on the

Spiegelberg, Domenik - Enterprise Marketing Management, ebook

Enterprise Marketing Management

Spiegelberg, Domenik


Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM)
Domenik Spiegelberg
4. Marketing mit ISCM
Domenik Spiegelberg
5. Erfolgspotenziale durch Vernetzung
Domenik Spiegelberg
6. Best Practice einer Implementierung
Domenik Spiegelberg
7. Zusammenfassung